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Services and Products

What is the principal intention of every business startup besides succeeding? It is generally to provide services and products to society.

A startup that can design a business plan, understand its mission, and attract consumers to its mission through a strong story will surely have a solid foundation for success already set, according to Luke Lazarus. Sometimes it is not the services or the products that are lacking that causes trouble for a startup. Many issues can be useful in throwing a startup enough, of course, to create its failure.

One of the biggest hurdles a startup faces is convincing the consumer their product is worth it. How to a startup brings a consumer close to the selling point, get them interested in asking questions, or for a demo.

One of the most brilliant ideas that have become a massive success in the internet world, at least when a piece of software is concerned, is to allow the consumer to download a free working copy of the software for a designated amount of trial time.

Making an Emotional Connection

This seems to work brilliantly for companies since it costs them nothing but allowing the consumer to have the software for a trial run, much like a test drive, then at the end of the trail run the consumer can keep the software, but the software reverts to a pre-trial version.

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When all of these things don’t get a company going, the company has to call in advisors and consultants to get to the bottom of the problem. Luke Lazarus had become one of the premier Australian Consultants since 2011 when he launched Luke Lazarus Consultancy Australia.

Luke Lazarus sees his primary role as a consultant is to take time to understand how the startup works and sees itself. His first stages of inquiry are usually analyzing the business plans, laying out the mission statement, and hearing how the startup sees itself through expressing the startup story, which is meant to attract the consumer as well as a door-opener for Angel investors and Venture Capitalist.

Finding a Way to Succeed

Luke Lazarus understands how frustrating it can be to start a business since he launched and managed four successful businesses before he sold them when he was yet 32 years old.

After having a string of successful companies, some call serial-entrepreneurialism, he made a change in his business focus.

Luke Lazarus could have taken the money he received from the sell from his businesses and retired young, but he wanted to give back to the Australian business community where he had received so much in his first successful years.

Luke Lazarus decided to focus on helping startups that were looking for someone to come in and solve the internal business issue that was keeping them from rising to the next level of success.

Luke Lazarus Consultancy Launched

In 2011 Luke Lazarus Consultancy, Australia was launched. Since 2011 Luke Lazarus does what he does best, which is to get startups to the next level of success and make their way into the business world.

He’s experienced being able to see many of his startups reach different heights of success through integrating his recommendations and following solid business practices.

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Today Luke Lazarus travels across Australia and working closely with startups where he is hired as a consultant for a set amount of time he gets the chance to share his more than two decades of knowledge, experience, and insights.

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