Maarten De Jeu Is an Advisor Everyone Can Trust

Maarten De Jeu graduated from the University of Oxford, and he was ranked first in his class! He earned a Master of Business Administration from this university. Maarten De Jeu was prepared to be in the financial services industry, but what makes him even more desirable as an advisor is his ability to speak several languages, including German, French, Dutch, and English. Maarten De Jeu also earned a Master of Arts in Social Science in 2001. 


Maarten De Jeu has been involved in the international financial community that took him all over the world to North America, Asia, and Europe. His experience with the inner workings of the world gave him a vast array of technical skills, but he also deeply understands the institutions and cultural settings that exist all over the world. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory in 2012, and he has been advising important people in Fortune 100 companies since that time. Specifically, he is involved in the financial and insurance industries. Maarten doesn’t distinguish between clients because he works with people with insane amounts of money, but he also advises entrepreneurs with technology startups. Maarten De Jeu’s logic is invaluable to his clients, and it makes it possible for him to help his clients make the best decisions. He also knows how to build diverse teams that can be highly effective. 


At SVM Business Advisory, Maarten De Jeu helps his clients develop sustainable solutions that get them where they want to go. The fact that his company provides the guidance that people are seeking makes his firm extremely valuable to other people. SVM Business Advisory’s clients can take advantage of the company’s vast knowledge in several areas, including business improvement, investment and acquisition, and strategy. This means that Maarten De Jeu’s clients have an advantage in the international marketplace over those who aren’t his clients.


One particular group of entrepreneurs is the one that has launched successful businesses in the United States. Maarten De Jeu helps these people take their companies on the global stage so that they can experience even more success. 


Maarten De Jeu experienced success in other areas as well. He founded SpeakUp, a technology company that is currently operating in Europe. It is the continent’s leading ethics and compliance solutions company for businesses that are publicly listed. 


Maarten is also the force behind the growth that one insurance firm achieved in Europe. While he was with Aviva, he was responsible for developing several initiatives and strategies that helped the insurance firm grow. Maarten is currently back with Aviva in Chicago, Illinois, where he is the Director of Strategy of Corporate Development. Because Maarten De Jeu is present at the company, it has been able to massively increase its insurance sales in the United States.

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