Mark Holyoake and the Olympic Dream

The Olympic stage is a place only the most ambitious of athletes can dream of reaching. It is an event held every other year, and every 4 years between the same sports, where the countries of the world unite under a single mission. This event is a time for countries to show their capabilities through more than politics and military actions. The Olympics are a place where childhood fantasies become a reality. Mark Holyoake was an individual who dreamed big and worked each day to see the dream become a reality. Doug Sandler recently wrote a piece about how special this individual became.

The story of Mark Holyoake begins the moment he popped into this world in 1983. As a child he had a natural curiosity for the world around him, but there was one thing he simply could not take his eyes off. That was the skills of the local gymnast. He pursed that as a hobby, but found himself to be exceptionally talented. At the age of 9 he had mastered enough routines to be considered an “all-rounder” performer. Then at age 10, Mark Holyoake was winning competitions across the country. It quickly became apparent that this individual had real talent.

However, there was one more hurdle standing in the way of Mark Holyoake’s big dream. He first needed to secure an education just in case something happened. The human body is surprisingly limited in what it can do, which Mark Holyoake recognized as he attended Auckland University. During this period, he was able to continue competing and completed his degree in Sport and Exercise Science on time. At this point the only objective left was to shoot for the stars. Mark Holyoake took off in sprint as trained harder than ever to get a spot on the Olympic team. The country took 4th place in 2010, which Mark Holyoake could not have been more prouder of his accomplishment.

Mark Holyoake is enjoying his retirement from professional sports. As a personal trainer he gets to pass along his knowledge and personal experience to the next generation of athletes.

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