Mars Has Water Below The Surface

Mars just got more interesting. Not that it wasn’t already. But with the discovery of liquid water a whole new set of questions come to mind. Finding ice on Mars was the first clue. Now permafrost below the surface takes the life question to a whole new level. Scientists say water is just one ingredient in the formation of life, but they are basing that statement on life as we know it. Mars doesn’t play by the same set of rules as Earth. Life could manifest in a completely different form on that planet, and we could miss it entirely.

Susan McGalla tells us that scientists also say if there was life on Mars it became extinct billions of years ago. Once again, that statement is based on our version of life. We can’t expect to find humans on Mars, but we always think we might. Consider the diversity that exists on this planet. There are forms of life on Earth that don’t conform to our explanation of life. Halophiles are one example, and there are many more that we haven’t discovered because we only look where we believe we should look.

We are restricted by our beliefs, and that is true for what we believe about Mars. Let’s face it. The planets in the universe all have various forms of consciousness living on and around them. We just don’t know where or what to look for; we only look for what we know.

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