Mars One The Manned Mission To Mars May Be A Scam

Dr. Joseph Roche, A Professor at Trinity College’s School of Education And A Finalist Has Doubts About The Mission

It may sound strange, but a lot of people want to go to Mars, even if it means buying a one-way ticket to the red planet. One of the finalist for the Mars One mission is having second thoughts about the funding. Dr. Joseph Roche made his thoughts known in an article published on Medium’s Matter. Roche thinks the organizers of the trip may only be after money stated Otempo. The professor also has serious concerns about the selection process.

Mars One wants to find six finalist that can withstand the harsh environment of Mars. The training was originally listed as an in-person testing and interview process over several days. But that process has been broken down to a 10-minute interview on Skype The short interview with the chief medical officer of Mars One wasn’t what Roche thought it should be. There was no psychometric or psychological testing in the interview. Roche was quizzed on literature about Mars, which he was given a month before the interview.

The other alarming fact about the mission is the production company, Endemol, who was going to bring in $6 billion to fund the project has dropped out of sight. Dr. Roche said there are other issues that make he believe the mission will never leave Earth.

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