Mystery pyramid found on Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has been an amazing source of information since it was sent on its journey to the dwarf planet of Ceres, which lies between Mars and Jupiter. The dwarf planet has been a major source of controversy since it was discovered in 1801 and the approach of Dawn has seen many of the features of the planet finally revealed for the first time in images sent back to Earth. Sky News is now reporting a mysterious mountain shaped like a pyramid has been seen in the latest images and will be investigated further when the Dawn spacecraft falls to a lower orbit in August stated MarketWatch. 

Dawn is currently orbiting at 2,700 miles above the surface of Ceres, but will fall to just 900 miles of orbit after June 30th in a bid to investigate more of the surface of this mysterious planet. The spacecraft will look for reasons why bright spots are seen on the surface of the planet with many scientists believing ice and salt deposits could cause these mysterious bright areas. The three mile high pyramid is one of the most mysterious features on the surface of the planet, which is largely flat aside from a number of wide craters. Many theories have risen out of the images, including those who claim alien lifeforms built the structure in the past.

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