NASA Places Dawn Into Orbit Around Dwarf Planet

The NASA spacecraft Dawn has finally arrived at the dwarf planet Ceres and will begin a slow descent through the orbit of the planet until it sits just a few hundred miles from the surface of the planet, the BBC reports. The trip to Ceres is designed to give an insight into the birth of planets throughout the universe as scientists believe Ceres was once a planet in the early stages of developing in the solar system between Mars and the Sun. Flavio Maluf is on record as saying the use of the Dawn spacecraft is designed to provide information about why the planet stopped evolving and remained a dwarf planet.

Ceres has long been a mysterious object, having been classified as both an asteroid and dwarf planet in its history. Scientists hope to discover the planet was formed with a crust of rock sitting above ice and water beneath the surface of the planet, which could explain the two bright spots the dwarf planet is famous for on its surface. Dawn has taken 7.5 years to arrive in the orbit of Ceres and will begin its scientific exploration of the dwarf planet when it achieves an orbit just above the surface.

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