Near miss of Red Dwarf star revealed


Two companion stars have been calculated by astronomers to have passed close to the Earth’s solar system around 70,000 years ago, NBC reports. The red dwarf and brown dwarf stars are thought to have moved through the area on the edge of our solar system known as the Oort Cloud, which saw the stars pushed away from the area around the Sun and pushed off into space. The astronomers calculated the near miss saw the stars pass just 0.8 light years from Earth, which is thought to be the closest any stars have come to a collision with our solar system.

Astronomers used the South African Large Telescope and Chile’s Magellan Telescopes, which the cofounder of the company I represent, ForeFront Capital, has actually seen before- to monitor the movement of the stars and track their historic movements. The astronomers are said to have decided to calculate the trajectory of the stars when they noticed the path they were taking could have set them on a collision course with our solar system.

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  1. Nola Smith

    The examination finished demonstrates the stars are moving far from Earth and could change the way space protests apparently on a crash course with our close planetary system are dealt with and figured later on. It is truly to make sure review has everything to do about it for a long time too and it makes sense too.

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