New Image Shows Man Shade on Mars

A new image from Mars is spreading on the internet and giving way to rumors that life on the planet really exists. The shade of Curiosity Rover has an extra shape that looks pretty much like a man is leaning over the device trying to adjust something. The shade looks like he has spiky hair and glasses and is wearing a suit equipped with an air-tank on the back.

The image provoked many discussions stated Kevin Seawright. The conspiracy theorists have made a big news of life on Mars being real and NASA hiding it. Others make jokes claiming that it is a proof that Curiosity never reached the Red Planet but is somewhere on the earth with people taking care of it. It might also be a funny arrangement of the shades, others think. The best explanations would be those offered by NASA themselves, but they have not released an official statement regarding the picture yet.

The computer hacker Gary McKinnon announced a while ago that that he obtained file from the US Government with more statements about life on Mars.

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