Nick Vertucci is an All-round Man

When one is born from a poor family, it should not make you maintain a status quo, but instead, you should take it up as a challenge to pursue your dream. Education is not a tool to a good life but the will and power to work hard.

 Nick Vertucci is the best example of what the willpower can do if you utilize it. He was born from an impoverished family, but he is the best real estate advisor. He has a real estate academy and many other investments. Though he fell in his first endeavor, he works up again, and that is the will of many business people.

 His story

 He was born from a low-income earner family. His father died when Nick was only 10. The mother struggled to raise the family but could not afford to take him to college. So, he decided to begin the hustle. He used the little savings he had and established a computer accessory store. His primary customers were college students. He made a mistake to partners with two other people. The helped him but also led to the fall of this business. They financed his business but later parted ways, and hence the company collapsed.

He incurred a colossal debt that made him sell his home to settle it. He was profoundly depressed and spent a lot of time in bed suffering from depression. Later on, he joined the real estate academy. He has combined the skills he used in the computer business and the one he gained at the academy to incept a prestigious academy. In the academy, he guides people on the best trend in the market. The profit he gets from the school is used to establish many other real estate projects.

Nick Vertucci is also an author. He has written books relating to business and business decisions. The most recent one is the seven-figure decisions where he advises people on the right way to start and maintain their business. A part from investment, Nick Vertucci has joined the poker field. He plays against the seniors in the field. During all the time he has played poker, he has won several trophies. He is determined to get the best as he did real estate field.

Bottom line

 Nick Vertucci is a poker player, author and investor. He was born from a low-income earner, and he struggled to start the first business. He sold computers and computer accessories. He collaborated with other two investors, but they led to the collapse of his company. He decided to join real estate academy and learned the secrets of surviving in the field. He used the skills to establish an academy that proved successful. He has ventured in in many real estate projects that have made him very successful. He is an author of many books and a poker player. In his book, he advises people n the best business decisions. He has shown potential in poker and won several trophies.

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