OSI Food Solutions and The Purchase of Flagship Europe

A few short years ago, OSI Food Solutions acquired a frozen food supplier known as Flagship Europe. This was another strong move for OSI as they continue to seek to grow their presence in Europe. The frozen poultry isn’t the only thing that Flagship provides. They also offer sides and condiments, sauces, and salad dressings. Although their primary market is European, they were being reviewed favorably by OSI Food Solutions as they continue to find European food providers that they wish to purchase to join the OSI family. Although the amount of the sale of Flagship Europe was not disclosed, the transaction appears to have been amicable between the two parties.

This company is a welcome addition to all that OSI Food Solutions provides. Although they have been highly regarded as a value added provider of protein, the other products are the right compliment for the food supplier. The United States is where OSI Food Solutions got their start. The original owners, the Kolchowsky family, eventually turned their first deli over to their sons as they got older. It was then that the idea for OSI Food company was born. Over time the company went through various changes.

The company grew rapidly in the United States, but after many years they had the new business opportunity to expand into Europe and Asia. The European market has been welcoming for the group. OSI Food Solutions has offered their products to the world for more than 60 years, and now they are nearly dominating the globe as the primary choice for best food service. There are still more opportunities for growth for OSI Foods in the future, as they continue to plan for further expansion. As a privately owned company, OSI has hired consultants to help them make the best decisions for their growth over time. The future is bright for OSI Foods America, UK, and abroad.

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