The Early Life of Sheldon Lavin

Most people know Sheldon Lavin as the man who is in charge of the OSI Group. This huge company has facilities all over the world that process meat and other food items. However, Sheldon was not always the super successful guy that he is today. In fact, he came from very humble beginnings. He grew up in a family that did not have a lot of money. His parents did the best they could and they were able to pay for Sheldon to go to college. However, he did not have the same childhood as many of his friends. Join and Connect linkedin to see Sheldon Lavin’s full profile.

Sheldon Lavin went to college and studied accounting. He enjoyed doing this and the number of career possibilities excited him. He worked hard in school. He graduated with honors and eventually got a job in finance. This is where he would make some discoveries that would open some doors for him. He began working with many small business owners in an effort to get these people financing for things they needed. He was very good at his job. He made many friends along the way. He would eventually encounter a man who was producing meat. Sheldon was curious about this company.

Sheldon Lavin began to spend most of his free time studying how this meat production company worked. He eventually decided that he wanted to try his hand at running the company himself. He asked the owner if he was interested in selling it. It turns out he was. The first decision that Sheldon made as the new CEO was to change the name of the company to the OSI Group. He felt that having a new brand was the right thing to do. Then he began to decide the future direction of the company that he was now in charge of.

Sheldon Lavin opened new OSI Group facilities all over the United States. These turned out to be a huge success. He then decided it was time for the company to go international. This made the company even more profitable than it already was. Sheldon has had an amazing life so far.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick Founder Moving Into Retirement

Robert Redick has worked for a wonderful law firm called Kisling Nestico & Redick for many years. The law firm of Kisling Nestico & Redick work with people who are facing personal injury issues. They try to help out as many people as they can and offer them the best results that they can.

Robert Redick became a well known name at the law firm through his many years of hard work and dedication to his job. He was well liked by his colleagues and even more well liked by his clients. Robert Redick put in a lot of time at the firm. He was well respected.

Recently, Robert Redick announced that he would be retiring from the law firm. His colleagues were very saddened to hear of this news. They have thoroughly enjoyed working with Robert Redick throughout the years and know that he is going to be greatly missed. They know that a great retirement is due for this man though after all of his years of dedication to the practice.

Robert Redick has some great plans going into his retirement. He wants to move to the state of Florida so that he can enjoy the rest of his life living in the warm sunshine. He also wants to travel and see all of the world that he can.

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After working all of these years and helping other people out it is well deserved for Robert Redick. His colleagues and former clients are sending him warm wishes for his retirement and hope that he can thoroughly enjoy the rest of his life.

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Jason Colodne has the Midas Touch for Productivity

Jason Colodne is a fascinating individual. It’s not just that he has achieved so much success. There are many people excelling in their field. While this is commendable, it is still part of what people expect to achieve. Mr. Colodne seems to have discovered a specific formula for success. His ability to produce regardless of what industry focused upon is what makes him so special. This is a rare trait and not often planned for or stumbled upon in life.

While intangible qualities merit value in business, they are not often considered reliable. Colodne alters this paradigm. He elevates the belief in concepts that form the basis of a good education. How else does one explain Jason Colodne’s success in both the financial world and in movie production?

Certainly, the motion picture industry is about money just like anything else. Consider though, people who succeed in New York do not always transition well in the more lax and creative industries on the other coast. There is a long-standing grudge match between business on the Pacific versus how it has been done for many decades longer along the Atlantic.

Jason Colodne succeeded in a traditional U.S. economy. New York is made for business minds who can demonstrate a level of excellence. It is highly competitive. The movie industry is highly competitive as well, but creativity is paramount. Innovation typifies business on the Pacific coast. On the Atlantic, efficient strategies are key. View more on Instagram.

What does it say when a person like Colodne succeeds in both business regions? He must be more in tune with what drives the larger market. One trait that seems to support Colodne’s success is the ability to elegantly promote diversification. This can be seen in how he impacts broad financial strategies, as well as, in the different types of movies that he helped put onto the silver screen.

Here is a list of films where Mr. Colodne’s served as executive producer:

  • Beyond the Lights (2014)
  • Earth to Echo (2014)
  • Brick Mansions (2014) (co-executive producer)
  • Paranoia (2013)
  • Act of Valor (2012)

The disparity between these films is almost perfect. Only the genres of drama and action overlap. The other classifications include romance, thriller, family, science fiction, crime, music, and adventure. Clearly, whatever project and whom ever Colodne works with, he brings something special to the table.

In the finance world, Colodne achieved a high level of success with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. He demonstrated strong leadership for making things happen. Thus, it was no surprise when Jason Colodne co-founded Colbeck Capital Management in 2009. Looking back on this venture, it would seem that the New York firm’s success was all but guaranteed.

Both in finance and entertainment, Jason Colodne set new standards for productivity. He makes it clear that modern business and adaptability go hand in hand. This approach enabled him to greatly exceed the status quo in undertaking any new venture.


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The Making of Peter Briger, a Credit Investment Expert

Employees, especially interns, think Fortress is an excellent place to learn since they work with a high profile team of investments experts and professionals. Most employees enjoy smart coworkers citing Fortress as a place where one can gain and grow through exposure to multiple industries. Employees are given responsibilities based on their level of motivation. Employees recognize how hard-work and dedication are acknowledged with good pay and benefits. Fortress provides employees with a knowledge platform on financial services as it challenges them to think and manage their work hours. Peter Briger was number 317 on Forbes 400 with a net worth of $1.5 billion as of 2007. He is married with four children and holds a Bachelors in Arts from Princeton University, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He serves as a co-chairman of the board and principal of Fortress Investment Group, an investment management company. He joined Fortress in 2002 and has been part of the management committee ever since.

This follows his committee experience in Japan Executive Committee, Asian Management Committee, and Global Control and Compliance Committee. Before this, Peter Briger was a partner at Goldman Sachs, a firm he spent 15 years with. He is a board member of Central Park Conservancy, Global Fund for Children, and Princeton University Investment Company. His finance and investment career has built him a high reputation as a capable leader. He started and oversees Fortress Credit business that specializes in undervalued assets and illiquid credit investments. Fortress Credit team is made up of over 300 employees. Buy low and sell high culture was built when he was at Goldman Sachs.

Together with his partners, they would buy assets such as car loans and troubled mortgages, that had fallen out with mainstream capital sources keeping them until the markets were stable and sell at a good price earning high profits. As an alumnus of Princeton University, Peter Briger have started a pilot funding program for the university alumni entrepreneurs with startup firms. With up to $100,000 matching seed funds, the entrepreneurs will fulfill their ideas, and Peter Briger hopes they will become serial in time and help others in the same way. Peter Briger’s links with Princeton extends to even funding a professorship that is currently held by Bryan Grenfell of ecology and evolutionary biology. His other philanthropic efforts include serving as board member of Caliber charter school and assisting nonprofit organizations efforts in helping low-income communities in San Francisco.

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The Expert Work of Michael Nierenberg

Investing can be a difficult and often daunting task. For this reason, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals whenever you possibly can. One way to accomplish this is by using an expert like Michael Nierenberg. With years of high-end experience and having worked with some of the biggest names in the investment industry, you can trust Michael Nierenberg with just about any type of project that you have going on at the moment. This is an expert who you can trust with just about any and every type of investment project that you have.

You can finally feel confident in choosing Michael Nierenberg and getting the assistance that you need. Michael Nierenberg has been working with both businesses and individuals for years, so he is there to take on virtually any project that you might have and get the work done at your own convenience. Now is the time to give his services a try and see just why he’s so different for people who want to make use of this for their own needs. By making good use of Michael Nierenberg and the work he’s done, you can feel confident in all of your own investment decisions.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Knows The Value That A Quality Team Can Bring:

Healthcare, real estate, aviation sector, and utility investor and philanthropist Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur of prestige within today’s business community. He founded the C&C Alpha Group in 2001 as a vehicle for his continued operation within the investment community. As the firm’s leader, he continues to have a guiding influence on the portfolio that has been carefully crafted at C&C Alpha Group. This portfolio is diverse and exists within many different global industries. The work that Bhanu Choudhrie has engaged in has given him a great opportunity to work toward the philanthropic efforts that he is extremely passionate about. More information about Bhanu Choudhrie at Behance

Spending the usual morning going through emails so that he can get a jump on his day is a typical morning ritual for Bhanu Choudhrie. He also puts some time into researching where the current economic markets are heading on that day. This is usually done through researching channels like Bloomberg as well as CNN. Having a constant handle on where global markets are trending is a key part of the strategy used by Bhanu in his investments at the C&C Alpha Group. The entrepreneur also gets himself focused for the day ahead of him with trips to the gym or some boxing rounds.

When it comes to the always important question of coming up with good ideas and turning them into a reality, Bhanu Choudhrie is a complete believer in the sound and simple concept of surrounding one’s self with a high-quality team of professionals instead of trying to do everything one’s self. This has certainly been an idea that Bhanu has put into practice at the C&C Alpha Group. This has been of critical importance in helping to keep the company running smoothly and ensuring that the portfolio continues to be developed to its fullest extent of diversity.

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Jeremy Goldstein Continues His Work for Fountain House

People like Jeremy Goldstein live two completely different lives. On one hand, Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney with a specialty in executive compensation and mergers and acquisitions. Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide called Goldstein a top compensation lawyer in the country.

He holds one degree from Cornell University, another degree from the University of Chicago, and earned his Juris Doctor from the New York University School of Law. After passing the bar, he began working at a prominent law firm that specializes in mergers and acquisitions. While learning all he could, he began noticing how most lawyers used the same approach with clients.

At years went by, he noticed executive compensation consulting firms breaking into independent entities and wondered if he could do the same with an entire law firm. After establishing his law firm, he began using a different approach with his clients.

For a start, he chose his clients carefully rather than pursue the highest paydays. He understood the importance of his reputation, so he focused more on making his clients feel important. Most lawyers maintained a professional distance from their clients, but Jeremy Goldstein developed close relationships with his. He believed that getting to know his clients would allow him to serve their needs.

This strategy quickly proved effective as his firm became profitable within the first five years, quicker than most firms the size of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. When he’s not working with clients, he’s traveling the region giving speeches about executive compensation and corporate governance.

On the other hand, Jeremy Goldstein is also an advocate for the mental illness community. People with mental illness often get the short end of the stick and are alienated for “having problems.” Goldstein started working with Fountain House after finding out how many people in this world will have to deal with mental illness at least once in their lifetime.

Fountain House has been advocating for those with mental illness for more than 70 years. The organization recently held a worldwide conference, in which, over 300 mental health professions attended to discuss the global approach needed to resolve this epidemic.

Though epidemic may sound exaggerated, the World Health Organization estimates that 25 percent of people will experience mental health issues, and not nearly enough will seek help. Fountain House held the conference to share its model of helping those with mental illness from acknowledgment to rejoining their communities.


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Profile of Biotech Entrepreneur Marc Beer

Marc Beer has proven himself as both an entrepreneur and an executive. When he first began his
career, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry. After several years of working in this industry, he
would become a marketing executive for another top pharmaceutical company. As the marketing
executive, Marc would promote the products it offered. With his success as an executive, Marc
looked to start his own business and become an entrepreneur. Prior to beginning his career, Marc
attended Miami University and completed a bachelor’s degree in business.

The first company that Marc Beer started up was ViaCell. This company specialized in providing
alternative treatments for a variety of medical conditions. The company would use stem cells from
umbilical cords to make these treatments. Within a short period of time, the company would
become highly profitable. After seven years of running the company, Marc decided to sell it for a
substantial sum of money.

After a brief hiatus from entrepreneurship, Marc founded his second company known as Renovia.
This company would specialize in providing nonsurgical treatments for women. Renovia provided
treatment for a number of pelvic floor disorders that women suffer from. Within a short period of
time, Renovia has found effective ways to help treat conditions such as urinary incontinence. In a
few years, Renovia will begin to make profits and reach its full potential.

While Marc Beer has achieved a lot of success during his career, he has credited much of it to the
people that he has worked with. Over the years, Marc has been able to work with a number of
professionals who have aided him in achieving his goals. Beer has worked with many experts in the
pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries who have provided him with vital knowledge. Marc
has openly said that any business can succeed as long as it has a group of dedicated professionals.
With a lot of success, Marc Beer has given back to his community. Much of his community
involvement has entailed contributing to educational institutions and healthcare organizations. His
involvement with these entities has allowed him to help students increase their knowledge and
have better educational programs available to them. By making contributions to healthcare
organizations, he has helped with cancer research.

Learn more:

With a very successful career in business, Marc Beer has followed a unique philosophy in order to
achieve his goals. One of the keys to his success has been using his leadership skills to solve
problems. Over the course of his career, Marc has been able to use a logical approach to finding
solutions to issues and following steps to resolve them. Beer has also been able to take calculated
risks in order to succeed as well. Creating a financial plan as well as learning from failure have
been some of the keys to his success as well.

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JD’s AI Goes to Work for Philips

As a retailer, JD has run its business with the power of technology. That’s made it an attractive partner for brands looking to move into China, or expand their reach within the country. That’s what brought Philips to the company, and together they will be applying artificial technology to learn about brand performance, consumer actions, and develop strategies with respect to a dynamic market. They made this partnership in Shanghai last month, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference.

How useful is JD’s AI in retail? It’s been used to reduce time spent analyzing data. Structured data can be searched fairly easily, but it still requires time and people to go through it. Unstructured data is harder because of the nature of the data. Video, social media, advertising materials, and other media are more difficult to break down and assess requiring even more time. With machine learning, JD can move much faster through either data types. Then users are grouped based on that assessment, then forecasts can be drawn up to project what they might do next.

With vision technology, JD gains insight into the effectiveness of any given advertisement. Images and video appeal to different groups, and can be a factor in getting user to stop browsing and commit to a purchase. This is information JD uses to inform on design decisions, refine the user experience on their platforms, and brands like Philips can work with them to learn how to present themselves better to Chinese consumers.

In a statement from Vice President of, and President of JD AI, Bowen Zhou, connecting with users through technology is a guiding ambition for the company. Zhou stresses that the data collected from JD’s AI provides them with an opportunity to improve all they can for customers and at the same time give brands the tools to increase appeal while reducing cost.

While AI is a benefit for customers and partners alike, JD sees a bigger future outside of retail. During this years “WikiHop” event, their AI came in 1st in reading comprehension. It outperformed every other platform there, even humans. Zhou sees a more nuanced future for their AI, one that goes beyond retail and into numerous industries.


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The Total Commitment of Toyo Setal To Sustainability

Toyo Setal is one of the leading Brazilian companies when it comes to dealing with the deployment of industrial enterprises. The main objective of this is the production and development of massive projects and performance in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPC). Over the years, the company has been able to gain a lot of experience of working in different parts of the world. Some of the industries it has worked on include; infrastructure, chemistry, fertilizers, oil and gas, petrochemistry, mining, steelwork, and energy. From dealing with these major sectors, the company has been able to understand the importance of sustainable development.

Whenever the company is working on a particular project, it makes sure that sustainability is enhanced in all the steps. The company’s commitment to sustainability is based on believing that interacting with the environment should not result in exhaustion of the available natural resources. Instead of exhausting the natural resources, there should be efforts to ensure that the resources are effectively preserved so that even the generations to come can benefit. Because of this strong commitment, the company applies state of the art solutions which are mainly meant to reduce wastage. The company is also a firm believer in that natural resources such as water should be used economically and in a smart manner. View more projects at

As a way of enhancing sustainability, Toyo Setal does more than what is required by environmental-based licenses. It usually put measures in place to ensure that the people around the projects benefit in different ways, especially when it comes to environmental issues. Because of these efforts,Toyo Setal has been able to effectively reduce the negative impacts which might have happened, especially on the environment.

To achieve the sustainability objectives, the company applies different tactics including; relocating animals which can be affected by the projects, educating the communities on the benefits of conserving the environment, controlling emissions and noises and planting trees in areas where vegetation is affected among others.

Toyo Setal has engaged highly trained professional to implement the various sustainable development strategies. It has also invested in high tech tools which are able to do an accurate analysis of the multiple projects. Through these efforts, the company is able to undertake different projects while ensuring that there is optimum sustainability.


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