Betsy DeVos and Educational System Adjustments

Betsy Devos isn’t ever a pushover. Her husband Dick isn’t one, either. They know that they cannot afford to be like that. They know that people who are determined and who don’t care what others think are the ones who actually get things done in this tough world. DeVos could easily relish a life that’s simple and devoid of stress. That’s honestly not her style, though. She wouldn’t ever be comfortable not doing invaluable things with her day. There are so many subjects that captivate DeVos. There are so many subjects that make her feel like she has to do something tangible.


DeVos has a full-time job that keeps her on her feet all of the time. There are few people who can hold a candle to her in the scheduling division. She barely has any time to collect her own thoughts. President Donald Trump gave her a strong opportunity when he asked her to work as the Secretary of Education. She’s a widely known member of his administration. People who see her walking up and down the street often recognize her practically instantly. She’s a hard person to miss. Although she’s a petite lady who is hardly “larger than life” visually, her personality tells another story.


DeVos is a motivated woman who gets things done. She doesn’t have a demeanor that’s overwhelming in any manner, though. People who are able to talk to her face-to-face may even think that she has a low-key vibe. She’s a person who does a lot of thinking. She doesn’t say anything until she’s fully confident in her word selection. She knows just how imperative word selection is in this fast-paced society. She knows that making mistakes that involve word choice can be detrimental and problematic.


Mrs. DeVos is Dick’s wife. Dick DeVos is an American man who is just as recognizable as Betsy is. People often spot him when he’s in Michigan. They often spot him when he’s in other parts of the huge country as well. He’s concentrated on so many things that involve locations that go beyond the Midwest.


Betsy and Dick are two parents who believe in the goodness of Michigan. It’s a state that has impacted them significantly. Betsy graduated from Calvin College in the state. Dick set aside a lot of time to making Grand Rapids in the state a much better and more vibrant location for everyone. He’s so enthralled by Grand Rapids that he does whatever he can to safeguard it from unpleasant results. It’s a place that brings out his strong and undeniable protective streak.


DeVos knows that there are American children who need strong educations. She knows that there are parts of the school system that are lacking, too.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on Facebook.

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Why Ara Chackerian Is An Entrepreneur You Should Be Watching?

Ara Chackerian is an exceptional entrepreneur whose ultimate goal is to use philanthropy and efforts in business to make a difference within local communities and around the world. With a background in healthcare and decades of experience integrating the healthcare field with the ever-changing world of technology, Ara Chackerian proves that business and environmental issues are mutually exclusive for an entrepreneur. The fact that majority of the problems facing our world on a social and environmental level directly affect our ability to be effective in our economic development as a nation is one of the reasons why Ara Chackerian initiatives are significant.

Growing up in San Francisco California, Ara Chackerian was passionate about environmental and youth causes that afforded him the insight into finding ways to make a difference where the human race needed it. His entrepreneurship bug began in this element thus heightening and sharpening his outlook on the various solutions we need to solve the problems we have under health, environmental and financial industry. This is proven in an interview he had with George Baker where he stated verbatim that:

“ideas come from life experiences. If you make a conscious effort to engage life then ideas will come. It’s a pretty simple formula. My parents encouraged this behavior when I was young, so once again, my ability to come up with ideas is nothing more than being fortunate enough to have been raised in an environment that encouraged thinking hard about life.”


Thus demonstrating the immerse influence his background had on him and how it lead him to work in these industries. Working in these areas requires hard work and an enormous amount of knowledge to execute whatever projects you want to produce for humanity. To gain the knowledge he needed for his goals Ara is an avid reader who graduated from Florida State University with B.S. in marketing. This has afforded him positions on a macro scale such as Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Chairman of PipelineRx and TMS Health Solutions as well as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical? The diversity of each position branched him into a network of entrepreneurs and world leaders that are geared toward advancing the world in the same unified front. His venture capitalist investments and co-founder business endeavors have also reflected this. Limonapa Teak is one such of these projects, it deals with making our everyday agricultural practices more environmentally friendly so as to enhance the environment rather than spoil it. In turn, the project has become a socioeconomic business where it betters the environment while providing jobs to the residents of the local community.


Other projects that Ara Chackerian has influenced are found in conquering the mental illness epidemic that has been ever so prevalent around the world especially in North America. Understanding its roots and ways to combat it, inspired Ara and his business partner to build outpatient psychiatry space. This space would execute treatment to patients suffering from depression using a device called transcranial magnetic stimulation. Ara didn’t stop there, he also embarked on providing outpatient diagnostic radiology centers all over Northern California thereby setting up a network of centers for both health workers and patients to utilize at their disposal. A network is definitely needed when trying to understand the human body and the fact that digital healthcare has become a trend in our generation allowing us to live longer due to an integral way of monitoring our bodies behaviors. Telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps have transformed our healthcare industry by designing algorithms to pick up and modify these behaviors. Ara Chackerian has identified these remarkable elements and he is using them to make a difference in the spaces he has developed to provide healthcare for numerous Americans and people around the world. You can visit their website

Lastly, just like every other successful influential leader that has ever graced the earth, Ara Chackerian is giving back by bringing his knowledge to the masses through his blog posts on a website called medium. Here he explores environmental and health topics such as Great Milestones on Forestation in Japan, the Conservation Fund Is Leading A Group Of Partners In The Purchase Of 17,881 Acres Of Forestland In Maine and the five important things to do During Mental Health Month. All information expounds on his decades of experience gained in the health, environmental and business sphere. It’s an honor to learn from the best and absolutely commendable to watch them achieve their greatest work for the betterment of humanity. Ara Chackerian is one of those kinds of individuals whose work and goals will not only be admired in this generation but for generations to come. Check out their Twitter page.



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Wes Edens sets Investment Trends

Wes Edens is an investment specialist. He co-founded and is currently the Private Equity Chief Investment officer of the New York City based Fortress Investment Group. The company invests in a range of different industries. They have investments in financial companies, media, real estate, sporting teams and healthcare.
Wes Edens founded the Fortress Investment Group in the year 1998. The firm offers diversified investment management services on a global scale. The company manages a wide range of assets including those of investors in private equity, hedge funds and permanent capital vehicles. The company’s core competencies include corporate acquisitions and mergers, capital markets, sector specific knowledge of institutions and companies and asset based investments. Since the formation of the company, the company has made many important acquisitions including ski resorts, casinos, private railway companies and hedge funds companies in Europe and Asia. Japan’s Softbank purchased the company in 2017.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian Billionaire have agreed to purchase the English Premier League soccer team, Aston Villa. The investment will help the struggling soccer team rebuild itself and become a successful league team again. Aston Villa is located at Villa Park in Birmingham. In addition to the Aston Villa team in England, he also owns the American National Basketball team, Milwaukee Bucks. His focus after investing in Aston Villa is to improve the structure of the team and the squads and help the team get an important place in the English Premier League again.
Wes Edens has also made a major investment in the Brightline Rail Company. The railroad is the only privately owned and operated passenger railroad in the US. The company runs an intercity train between Miami and Orlando in Florida. Edens has ambitions for starting more passenger trains across the US especially in sectors where the distance for an airplane is too short and the distance is too long to drive by car. The train has luxury amenities including wide aisles and leather seats.
Wes Edens has been a trend setter in making major investments in diverse industries and turning sinking enterprises into successful ones. original source

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Shervin Pishevar Makes His Case On Twitter, And You Need To Hear It

Whenever someone first comes across Shervin Pishevar they are bound to realize that this is a person unlike anyone that they have ever heard from before. They are sure to ask themselves the question as to why he is so interesting to listen to and what exactly about Shervin Pishevar makes him the kind of person that they want to take advice from.

The answer to those questions are that he was an early investor in Uber and thus earned his stripes making money off of the success of that company. Follow that up with the fact that he is the kind of person who frequently makes economic predictions that do indeed turn out to be true. He has been shown to be right on so many occasions that it is almost ridiculous to try to deny that following his advice just makes sense.

Shervin Pishevar loves to go on Twitter and stir up some controversy from time to time. It is not as though he is doing this on purpose exactly, it is just that people often take some kind of offense to the things that he says. He doesn’t go out there trying to set people off. Rather, they just end up disagreeing with the viewpoints that Shervin Pishevar makes. Regardless, he still has come to the conclusion that it makes sense for him to continue to provide his commentary to the masses as it were.

The recent tweet storm that Shervin Pishevar put out there was about how the stock market was going to fall by at least twenty percent, Bitcoin was going to fall as well, and China was going to eat our lunch as the new birthplace of startups. Controversial? Yes, but also well-researched and pondered by a many who has so often proven that he has the ability to get these kinds of things right. Are we right to question the answers that he has come up with? Yes, but again we should consider everything that he has done before and think about if perhaps we ought to give him some benefit of the doubt that he just might be right after all.

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Greame Holm Uses Expertise in Finance to Revolutionize Debt Reduction Services

Graeme Holm is a Top 100 MBA broker with over a decade of experience playing in the Big 10 banking market. An expert in finance Holm was shocked to observe the amount of clients who lived from paycheck to paycheck. Families all over Australia were trapped in long-term loans and only able to pay the minimum monthly amount. So Graeme Holm decided to do something about it. He formed his own company Infinity Group and offered a new type of debt reduction service to the masses. Infinity Group has a sparkling reputation. Its clients are able to payoff $41,000 dollars in debt on average within the first year. Those who are trapped under home loans experience a 100% success rate of paying said loans off in three months. But Infinity Groups does not just aid its clients in paying off debt, it stays with them afterwards and helps them grow wealth. It even aids it client base in property investment and retirement planning.


Graeme Holm spent six months studying the mortgage market to research where the problems were being created. What he found was a lack of ongoing support and guidance. So Holm decided to merge finance management with the spirit of a personal trainer. Personal trainers do not just tell people how to exercise, they also get into their daily life and rearrange their diets. So Holm decided that his company would get into its client’s lives and rearrange their finances. First step, swap out cash for credit. Infinity Group operates under a mandate that everything a client buys has to be with cash. Their budget is planned and the money allocated in cash. If the client does not have the cash, then they cannot afford the purchase. This allows clients to avoid spending more money than they have, and build up the money that they do have.


This unorthodox approach to finances has garnered much success for Infinity Group. Currently, they are the fastest growing debt reduction company in Australia. Their success rate is through the roof, and client satisfaction is very high. This is because Holm goes out of his way to serve the client, and because Infinity Group sticks with them after the debt is paid off. Infinity Group uses personal bankers to constantly check up on clients, provide them with goals, and ensure that they do not fall back into the same pitfalls. Just like a personal trainer, once they whip finances into shape they keep them that way.

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Fortress Investment Group Shows its Expertise in M&As

Fortress Investment Group is one of the companies that have shown tremendous growth and performance over the past years. Having been established two decades ago, the founders of the company had a very realistic vision that seems to be gradually achieved as the time passes. The founders had started the firm as a private equity manager in 1998. Later, other improvements to the organization were incorporated to enhance its growth. Some of the improvements were the diversification of the company’s asset portfolio. Fortress transformed from being a private equity manager to an alternative asset management firm. This was after the introduction of other asset strategies like hedge find, credit fund, real estate and other permanent capital investment strategies.

Fortress Investment Group has had various competencies that have catapult its growth to be one of the fastest growing investment company in the United States and even globally. One of these competencies is the unique expertise in the management of mergers and acquisitions. With the help of its three presidents, Randal Nardone, Edens Wes, and Briger Peter, Fortress Group has shown excellent performance in the engagement of these business relationships with other companies and corporations. The main strategy that the CEOs use to enhance relationship building with other companies is training their staff on the establishment and maintenance of strong business connections with stakeholders from other companies.

This initiative has not been in vain because, in various occasions, Fortress Investment Group has been involved in serious business associations with other business players in the form of M&As and also partnerships. For instance, in 2006, Fortress was fully involved in the purchase of the operator of the largest ski resort in the whole of North America, Intrawest. This was an acquisition that came as a surprise to many and also greatly impacted on the organization’s value after the valuation. Later in the years, Fortress Investment Group has also been involved in several purchases and mergers, all of which have a role to play in the improvement of the company’s performance. The last and the most impactful acquisition that has happened to the company was the one that saw Fortress Investment Group get acquired by SoftBank Group, in 2017.

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Whitney Wolfe: Leading American Entrepreneur


Wolfe was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Wolfe went to Southern Methodist University and graduated with a degree in International Studies.

After graduating from Southern Methodist University. Whitney Wolfe went to work at Hatch Labs. Initially hired to be involved in the app Cardify. However, the project was stopped. Wolfe then got involved with the Tinder App, an online dating app. During her time involved with the Tinder App, she became vice-president of marketing for Tinder. Wolfe left the company in 2014.

Bumble App

Wolfe created the Bumble dating app platform in 2016. Now, in 2018, Bumble has over 35 million subscribers in over 160 countries. Time magazine has named Wolfe one of Time’s magazine’s most influential 100 people’s list. The Bumble dating app started out as a friend finding venture for its users. In 2017, Whitney Wolfe added Bumble Bizz for networking of professional males and females.

The Bumble App was created to put the female first. All interactions on the app can only be activated by a woman. In 2018, the app is valued at $1 billion and has had over 500 million inquiries by women.

Bumble’s workforce is over 85% female. With progressive policies in place for its female workforce, the company offers flexible hours to its primarily female work staff, therapy sessions, holistic wellness benefits, and even providing a private place for nursing mothers.

Whitney Wolfe Added To Imagine’s Board Of Directors

On July 10, Wolfe was added as a board member of Imagine Entertainment by chairmen Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Brian Grazer feels Whitney Wolfe will bring a unique and original perspective to the board of directors of Imagine Entertainment.


Whitney Wolfe sets the tone for females in the now dating world and is a pioneer in providing a workplace that encompasses the daily needs and situations of the working woman, giving their female staff the joy, creativity, and productivity they need for optimum job performance.

With Wolfe’s innovative approach to women and the dating world, and her workplace model for the female work staff she is an innovative leader in her field.

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OG Juan Of Roc Nation Sports And His Close Connection To Jay Z

Roc Nation Sports is a branch of Roc Nation which is a part of rap mogul, Jay Z, empire. This part of Roc Nation serves the purpose of representing sports stars at the professional level. Roc Nation Sports provides professional players with high level agents who help to manage their career. This part of Jay Z’s empire is headed by one of his good friends. His name is Juan “OG” Perez and he is often referred to as OG Juan.

Jay Z has made many songs over the course of his long career. On some of his tracks he talks about the leading members of organization. They are not only leading figures within his empire, they are also his good friends. Jay Z’s empire is operated by Desire Perez who is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of his organization. She handles day to day business of Roc Nation to ensure that the whole empire is running smoothly.

OG Juan is Desire’s husband. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. He has an important position overseeing the company’s business and operations. He has been working in this position for some time. Jay Z likes his friend OG Juan. He had recently treated OG Juan to expensive champagne for his birthday celebration.

Apparently, Jay Z believes that OG Juan is a competent individual since he is allowing him to run his organization. It is a good thing to have trusted friends sitting in positions of power over a person’s empire. Jay Z really likes OG Juan and wants him to be successful. OG Juan’s success ultimately means that Roc Nation will be a profitable and flourishing empire.

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Peter Briger and How Company Failures Could Be Rooted In Failed Executives

It may be safe to say that a company’s reputation is dependent on the executives running it. A bad CEO can bring a company down. A CEO or Principal that doesn’t understand the high value of making employees happy, falters. Further, the best companies today stand out because of great corporate culture and giving the right, ethical services to the clients. These are the kind of attributes that Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group always aspire to. Being the principal and co-chairman of Fortress‘ Board of Directors, Peter Briger needs to sustain such attributues, values and culture in order to grow his company to its highest potential.

The Forbes Billionaire List

It’s also a good indicator of one’s success if the executive is being ranked by the Forbes magazine’s billionaire list. For Peter Briger’s case, his Forbes Ranking went to as high as rank #962 in the World’s Billionaire’s List category of the magazine. There are a lot of factors that have brought him to such ranking, but it may not be a stretch to claim that this achievement could have been because of the largest acquisition that Fortress experienced. This happened when SoftBank bought Fortress for $8.08 per share, and that resulted to a total deal price of $100 billion. That’s such a big deal. That’s the kind of deal that makes it worthy for Peter Briger to at least be acknowledged by any media firm.

Details of Peter Briger’s Work for Fortress

Peter Briger became a solid part of Fortress 4 years after the company was founded. His main responsibility in the company was to acquire the best networks that could grow the assets of the investors of Fortress. He is also to make sure that he is able to be part of outreach programs that can teach people how to also start their own business.

With that in mind, he goes to Princeton University, the place where he graduated, and supports programs and funding projects to help future entrepreneurs get into the right path of business. All of these are just parts of the strategies, efforts and duties of Briger as he pushes the relevance of Fortress Investment in the finance market today.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Bradesco Bank

Luis Carlos Trabuco is known for his leadership with the largest bank in Brazil as he helms the role as the Chief Executive Officer. He was born in Marilla, Brazil. He has been working for the bank industry for nearly 40 years. It has been noted by the executive staff that Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco banking journey is unique in that they knew he was perfect for their bank. They pride him on his thoughtful wisdom, quality professionalism and his persistence to keep his career on a successful track record. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at

Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco life began when he was 18 years old working in Marilla’s branch. He started working at São Paulo, two years later at the top headquarters of the bank. His career path accelerated what a 1984 the bank name him director of marketing. This led to him becoming executive director, from 1992 to 1998 and then also leading the department in their private pension business as president. It was a year later when he soon found himself as executive vice president. Then in 2003, Luis Carlos Trabuco he took on a new role as president in the banks insurance business. Trabuco Bradesco years of work in the banking system a roll on the bank’s board of directors as a member that lasted from 1999 to 2005.

He remains on the board of directors and is vice chairman for Banco Bradesco,SA. He continued working in this unique roll that lasted from 2003 to 2009 with the Bradesco Seguros Group group. The organization brought him on as chairman and decided can make him Bradesco bank’s chief executive officer. Visit to know more.

His dedicated working abilities and productive results with Bradseco’s insurance group helped Luiz Carlos Trabuco reach the top and become the president. During this time leading the organization, his management helped the company experienced a significant increase of customers that prompted a merger in Brazil. The record shows that the insurer now as a 25% position in the market and ballooned to one of the largest Latin American insurance businesses. The net income went up 35% during this time as well. Trabuco Bradesco bank talents are superior and has helped their growth.


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