Ashley Lightspeed’s Creativity

Ashley is a partner at The Lightspeed Ventures, a company which has significantly transformed the digital media industry as well as consumer consumption. She believes that her creative background helps her bring ideas to life.

Ashley learned to think divergently while still young; she came from the family of an architect and a seamstress. Ashley believes that conducting a considerable amount of research and user testing is imperative when trying to convert an idea to life. To her, this helps in determining whether or not the plan will flourish when actualized and presented to the market. She believes that her ability to keep things flexible also comes in handy. Check out to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

An Exciting Trend Ashley Admires

Ashley Lightspeed is fascinated by the population shift in which the Boomer generation will be retiring soon, creating enough space for more seniors to flood the market. She believes that this shift ensures increased innovation in products and services meant for the older population. What makes her obsessed with this trend is the fact that the older generation will be able to age at home as opposed to nursing homes which will in return open up more areas for investment.

To Ashley, such a shift might have been inspired by an increase in Medicare. To her, the three areas that will be well hit by this shift are financial services, which is a vital area for innovation, in-home IoT technologies, and care services. This shift will, therefore, provide several opportunities such as the provision of financial solutions.

A Habit That Ashley Believes Has Made Her Stand Out as An Entrepreneur

Ashley Lightspeed holds that her ability to keep in touch with the people she meets has helped her a great deal. She believes that from such connections, she obtains a deal flow since the entrepreneurs and friends she is in touch with as well have acquaintances elsewhere, which creates a web. Therefore, if she needs a favor or an insight into a specific field, getting one would not be a problem due to her connections.

Ashley advises other entrepreneurs to develop a natural curiosity to learn about people and create connections. She, as well, urges that one should record and take seriously customer observations and insights, an idea she learned when she was a store associate at the bookstore while pursuing her first degree. Read more:

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New Article Reveals the Low Down on Classified Ads Importance and Why You Must Take Action Today

Testing your ad on a more compact audience before you set it out there’s advisable to discover if it’s actually capable of generating a response. Rather you wish to purchase or sell items online, one method to do so is though New York classified ads. If you wish to post free ads online and expect them to be effective, there are a couple of bits of rather important information you might have to provide, based on the completely free classified ads website you’re using. The absolute most prosperous ads are usually ones with a catchy title, an intriguing description, superior punctuation, images, and pricing if you’re selling something. For example, if you need to post used car classified ads, you must search for local classified websites that target local individuals.   eolist

You are able to put ads in directories and never receive any traffic and for that reason waste your time. Any fantastic classified ad is written to draw the interest of its target audience. If you’re selling local, you may want to sell in New Jersey local classified ads also.

The ads may stay online for a couple weeks, a couple months or indefinitely, based on the ad website. Classified ads are only a single approach to discover work. Classified ads in every industry environment have their very own distinctive challenges. Dirt Cheap Classified Ads can be an excellent way to publicize your organization. Conclusion Dirt cheap classified ads can be quite an effective method to market your business opportunity or your product.

When you use completely free ads, you target buyers rather than shoppers. Classified ads are the great method to construct well-liked small business services and get more visitors to your site. Free Classified Ads are great method to create free targeted leads to your site. Utilizing free classified ads on the web is most likely one of the most overlooked ways of raising the traffic on any site.

The Key to Successful Classified Ads Importance

Facebook ads are a breeze to setup and offer some great choices to target your audience. Online Classified Ads are promotion websites that employs the web and World Wide Web as the principal media for promoting services and products. Today online classified ads posting is among the most recognized form of online advertising.

Totally free classifieds are offered in abundance throughout the Internet. On-line classifieds are receiving well-liked amongst thousands of people around the planet. Your approach in making a car classifieds might not be as helpful in your way of earning a true estate classifieds.

Getting the Best Classified Ads Importance

Most websites are a breeze to navigate and make it possible for you to place an ad in a just a few easy steps. There are an assortment of methods to erect online classifieds websites. No matter if you’re on work search website or a classifieds site, they generally provide totally free email alerts.

Ruthless Classified Ads Importance Strategies Exploited

Advertisement websites are extremely beneficial for each and every one, when you desire to learn any innovative events or also wish to share with others, with the assistance of classified ads websites you can readily accomplish it. If there’s a personal site, the social accounts can be related to the website. Yet another feature you may add in your classified ads website that’s set word count limit and image resolution for your website.

Some sites permit you to post more than 1 ad, and in more than 1 category. When posting classified ads, you have to be very careful in regards to the sort of classified site you decide on, to make sure you receive the maximum benefits. So while it may seem easier to work with a classified ad site that doesn’t need registration, it’s always wisest to select a site with registration. Selecting the correct classified ad site in order to post free classified ads is quite important to be sure you receive the best benefits.

What to Do About Classified Ads Importance Before It’s Too Late

Merely by performing an online search for used forklifts you’re going to be able to discover several websites that are devoted to selling or renting used forklifts. Classified sites play an essential function in the world of online promotion and internet campaign. There are an enormous amount of online classified ads sites that will make it possible for you to place an advertisement and within that advertisement you have the ability to place links.

The Ultimate Classified Ads Importance Trick

Finding out how to post free classified ads online might be the start of a lovely relationship in marketing and promoting your services or products. Purchasing and selling online isn’t difficult, especially whenever you use the aid of New York classified ads. Men and women fail online because of implementing the incorrect strategies and taking the snail strategy to affiliate advertising.

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An inside look at the acquisition deal between Fortress Investment Group and Softbank

The past year has been one full of changes for New York-based alternative investment giant, Fortress Investment group. The company which is led by three principals, has been undergoing significant transitions following the closing of the $3.3 billion acquisition deal between it and Softbank in 2017. Even though Fortress will remain independent, being under Softbank is quite a big deal, and most of its activities in 2018 revolved around the integration of the firm into Softbank’s growth strategies.

Based on the comments of the leaders, both Fortress and Softbank seem to have been satisfied with the terms of the merger. Commenting on the matter, Softbank founder and chief executive officer, Masayoshi Son said that his company is excited to have a market leader like Fortress on board. Masayoshi also went ahead to add that he looks forward to benefitting from the expertise of its three principals who for the past two decades have displayed top shelf expertise by molding the company into a world-class investment firm. Besides having a respected asset management firm as part of its holdings, Softbank will also get to tap into Fortress’s top-notch management capabilities. Through the merger, Fortress Investment group now becomes the first hedge fund to go public and go private on the NYSE.

Even though they remain two separate entities despite the acquisition deal, both Fortress Investment Group and Softbank share a similar goal. They both plan on working together to strengthen their strategies and as a result, take over the private equity industry which is currently dominated by companies like Carlyle and the Blackstone Group. Both companies also benefit each other big time as Softbank inches closer to its goal of creating the most significant tech ecosystem while Fortress gets to tap into Softbank’s vast network of partners while at the same time operating in the private equity realm.

About Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a well-established alternative asset management firm which commenced its operations in 1998. Within its two decades in existence, Fortress has grown into a market leader, and oversees global assets worth over $40 billion and has over 1700 investors spread out across the world as its clients.

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Article Title: The RealReal Shows That It knows What It is Doing

Article Text:

There are many businesses that start up in many industries. Among the businesses that are taking off in the fashion industry is The RealReal. Fashion is one of the industries that are undergoing tons of changes because of many factors. One of the factors is that people are looking more at the different methods that clothing and accessories are being brought to consumers. People are paying less attention to the trends and the products and more attention to the business practices and social responsibility of the company. If people see that a business is not in line with their values, then they are not going to buy any products from it.

The RealReal shows that it is in line with the values of their customers. They also have come up with a business plan has caught the attention of Prime Unicorn Index. They have offered up $70 million in shares. If they manage to sell all of their shares, then they will achieve a valuation of $1.06 billion which will land them in the unicorn group. With their business model and their diligence, they are very likely to do a lot of big things online as well as in certain communities and markets that they have a physical presence in.

The RealReal aims to make sure that all of the items they sell are authentic. Anything that they are given is examined very closely and thoroughly in order to see for any type of inconsistencies. They want to make sure that the material they get is actually the material it is said to be. Customers can rest assured that everything that they get from this particular e-tailer is authentic. Customers that do not want any imitations are going to be satisfied with what they have available in the online shop.

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Desiree Perez, the Game Changer in the Entertainment Industry

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has made a name from herself in the music industry over the years. The Chief Operations Officer of Roc Nation has worked with Jay Z for the last two decades. Desiree’s musical career has witnessed her working at different top positions. Perez has worked as head of marketing, promotions manager, and record label president. Jay Z can’t regret having Desiree Perez in his management team.

Since joining Jay Z at Roc Nation a decade ago, Jay Z has made tremendous evolution within the music industry. The unmatched material expertise of Desiree Perez saw her appear in the Billboard Power 100 list of 2019. Her name appeared in the list at position 41 alongside Jay Brown and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, her business associates.

Jay Z started Roc Nations and hired Jay Brown as the Chief Executive Officer. Desiree has witnessed Jay z proper in the music industry. In 2018, he broke the appearance record of the On the Run II tour that saw the company make a gross profit of $254 million. His solo tour made $45.5 million and another one with Beyonce, his wife that made $235.5 million.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez started working with Jay Z in 1996. Kareem “Biggs” Burke, the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder, played a critical role in their connection. Perez is the force behind the signing of musical contracts associated with Jay in the company’s Tidal app for music streaming.

Besides, she is very influential in the artist’s business negotiations. Desiree and her husband Juan Perez are Hova Circle of Influence’s members. The group includes professional investors that have interests in the entertainment industry.

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Invention is the mother of necessity; Jojo Hedaya

It is quite surprising that many inventions made in recent years are from young persons. This cannot be an exception when it comes to Unroll.Me, an email subscription management service. It is a life simplifier for many around the globe. Jojo Hedaya is a co-founder of Unroll.Me. An invention by two close college students.

Jojo is a true role model for young people with talents and skills. It is always possible to pursue talent and skills in life. Though having not completed college, he has made an impact on society in a very helpful manner to many people all over the world. He motivates anyone with a skill to put it into practice. Clearly shows that all problems have a solution. He did start by solving his email sorting problem and ever since it has been a smooth ride with his emails.

Benefits the world got from Jojo’s skills and experience

The world always has several benefits or suffers damages from everyone who so passes on the face of the Earth. For Jojo, he has made a great advantageous impact on the world. Having grown up in New York, he flew abroad for his college education in Israel. I would like to put it as answering a destiny call. There he met a great person Josh whom they shared several similarities, and together they conquer the problem of having clattered email.

Unroll.Me has enabled many people to manage their emails. Just like Jojo had failed to manage his email communication flow, many people suffer the same problem. However, with Unroll.Me, it is possible to condense all subscriptions into one clean email to be received at users’ convenient time he/she sets to go through the emails received every single day.

He is a great leader in the society with him bearing the weight of being a CEO at a very young age.

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Here Is How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Press Release Distribution

The press release is a free of charge public connections gadget that can help little companies. A release can publicize any type of occasions of the company- brand-new product launch, grand opening, arranging and likewise even a situation.

As a local organisation, you could have lots of queries or worries if news release circulation is for you. You have a restricted budget plan, so why invest an area of it in this kind of internet material advertising and marketing strategy?

You ought to not question this method. It is a spending plan pleasant along with effective means to promote your solution. Composing launches as well as additionally dispersing it offers exceptional cause any sort of business- large or little.

This material marketing task can work like magic. Right here are the factors that you must make press releases a component of your material advertising and marketing mix:

Boost sales possibility.

Launches are a way to flaunt your things that supply features in addition to advantages for the customers. When you create a launch, you establish material that can make your brand a leading option on the market.

To do this, you might want to create launches each time you have newsworthy details to share. Share your business purchase, success, advancements, business development, sales development, landmarks or collaboration. When people uncover that you’re a leader in your sector, it can pull in viewpoint to enhance your revenues.

Instantaneous as well as likewise large direct exposure.

An extra excellent reason small companies gain from the press release is their ability for instant as well as large direct exposure. It’s really easy, economical as well as dependable ways to get the word out worrying your business, despite having limited sources.

Imagine that your local business is merely beginning. You have written a great launch that landed your media protection. Obtaining promotion at this beginning can bring you great deals of direct exposure along with can make your brand name available.

Envision major publications, creating a tale regarding your trademark name. Your brand name winds up being sound in your market. You’re likely to gain the passion of the stakeholders, plutocrats in addition to new leads.

You can come to be a market professional.

So suppose you are a local business? Size isn’t a step of what you can do.
Making up launches consistently through blood circulation firm can develop a perception that you’re an idea leader in your particular niche. People are going to comprehend you, your items and also why they should trust you.

Effective brand names that made press release component of their technique don’t have the problem of obtaining the trust fund of the customers. It is since they have constructed their integrity. Individuals depend on brands that they recognize are market leaders.

It raises web traffic to your site.

Concerning 80 million people are searching the web everyday. This indicates, doing whatever to make your brand name exposed to the customers searching for unique tales and also news can include a lot of value to your service.

When you obtained media insurance coverage from any type of publication, cover it. Share it on your social media sites networks and also consist of a link to your site or blog site so individuals can discover much more regarding your brand name.

The even more individuals see your site; you obtain a superb opportunity to have brand-new leads. It can equate right into conversions along with ultimately sales.

It is a sensible means to widen your reach.

As a tiny company, it may be a difficulty for you, specifically when you’re a startup to lead in the industry. Writing and additionally spreading releases make it feasible to cut in the loud market.

With it, you can build a connection with the media, target audience as well as also generate investors. It is less complicated to penetrate the market and additionally reach your target market.

Best press release distribution makes it possible for you to be seen on the television, took a look at in the newspapers and also listened to on the radio. It shows you can reach different sections of people that can attach to your brand.

Being a little company shouldn’t dissuade you from releasing releases because it can help you in a lot of techniques. Technique your advertising and marketing technique well to see specifically how your small firm grows.

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How Isabel dos Santos has Redefined Economic Sustainability in Angola

Isabel dos Santos is a popular figure in international economic forums. She is one of the professionals that have reshaped the global conversations on sustainability and more importantly — on poverty eradication measures. Isabel dos Santos is a believer in policies and more significantly better implementation of economic policies. Her journey signifies hard work, determination, and love for humanity.

Isabel dos Santos is a product of the best education systems in the world. Studying in Angola and then in Europe reshaped her view on life and more notably — the importance of good leadership. During her education journey, she interacted with children from around the world. She attributes these interactions to her global view on different factors (BBC).

Although she is from Angola, her global view is still unmatched —, especially on women empowerment. The exposure and socialization during her education life assisted Isabel dos Santos to set up some empowerment programs for women and young people in his native country.

Isabel dos Santos also has one of the best views on work. As a leader in the corporate world, she is a believer in productivity. However, productivity according to her is multifaceted. First, she points out that ideal policies are critical to any productive company. A company must design policies that encourage people to work hard and more importantly motivate them. Second, Isabel dos Santos understands the importance of remuneration in the corporate space. Her speeches in different forums have pointed out the importance of good pay in the competitive corporate space. She believes that well-remunerated employees are more productive — compared to employees under the minimum wage.

Finally, she is part of different charity events in Africa and around the world. According to Isabel, taking part in philanthropy is one of her best contributions to humanity and more importantly to a better world. In Angola for example, she is one of the highest contributors to medical charity events. In the last three years, she has invested a lot of her resources on funding Malaria eradication projects. These programs assist Isabel to reach more people. In a recent feature on BBC, she was identified as one of the few women in Africa, redefining charity in the medical niche.

If you want to know more about Dos Santos´achievements please follow us at

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Diversity In The Workplace With Riot Games

No matter what industry we talk about, it is extremely important to have a wide range of diversity in the workplace. Especially in the 21st century, there have been recent crackdowns on companies who fail to have a “big enough” range of diversity within their company’s working environment. As we can imagine, this has created room for controversy from both employees and employers. In fact, It has gotten to the point where some employees are protesting for a better working environment and benefits. Having said all of that, this is why it’s important to look at companies such as Riot Games as a standard of what a diverse and productive company should look like. With this in mind, here is more on Riot Games and how they have benefited through diversity in the workplace.

Success With Diversity

With Riot Games, a video game company founded in 2006, there has naturally been a diverse community within their industry. Given that the video game industry casts a wide net of different users, they have never really had to struggle when it came to diversity in their company. That being said, Riot Games is somewhat of a pioneer as a company by being able to recognize the lack of diversity in other companies. Speaking for themselves, Riot Games finds success by focusing on building an environment where everyone can thrive. Contrary to popular belief that this only creates unwanted comfort and lack of productivity within a workplace, Riot Games has found success doing so. Simply put, more companies need to follow in the footsteps of Riot Games as a diverse and successful company.

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De-clutter Your Inbox With

Every week, we receive hundreds of emails and the majority of these emails are spam, marketing, and advertising materials, newsletters, and unsolicited messages. Most of us manually unsubscribe to these unwanted emails. However, the task is too daunting and sooner, we realize that we end up losing the fight against these spam emails. Fortunately, there is an app that can do this daunting task of unsubscribing to these unwanted emails,


What Is is a simple and free web service tool that de-clutters your inbox. You can run it as often as you want to scan your inbox for newsletters, spam messages, and other marketing and ad materials. The app also offers you three options on what you would like to do with the spam messages.


You can either Keep it to your inbox, Add to Rollup, or Unsubscribe. All you have to do is pick your choice and the app will do the rest for you. The Add to rollup option allows you to keep the emails but in a different folder named Rollup. You can also add the emails that you do not want to read now but will try reading in the future.


How To Use


Aside from being a free app, it is also very easy to use. You just visit the website, sign up, just like the usual sign up process you do with other apps. You will need an email address where you want to install the app. After that will do its function and de-clutter your inbox. At the results page, you will see the number of emails organized for you. When you are finished, you can set a reminder or schedule the app to run through your email.

The app can clean your inbox in less than a minute or longer depending on the status of your inbox. The process at times includes false positives. The only downside of this app is that it can only function on one email address at a time. aside from that, is a very helpful service that does not only organize your inbox but also provides a breath of fresh air to your email.

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