Adam Milstein has a Unique Definition for What Success Means

Adam Milstein has done a lot in his lifetime and sits on several boards for organizations that help improve relations with Israel and other countries. While he is a businessman by trade, he has found that philanthropy has made his life much more satisfying. He has found that many of his projects have become a reality because he has pushed them to become so. While he values other people and appreciates working with them, he has come to realize that if someone else can’t get something done, he should make it happen himself.

Mr. Milstein appreciates the ups and downs of the real estate world and knows that results only come with hard work and time. He feels that a lot of his success as an entrepreneur has come from his knack to be persistent and consistent, and the fact they he loves to work. On the contrary to what a lot of other business leaders say, he firmly believes that setting specific goals has limited him. He also feels that listening too much to criticism hampers people’s god-given abilities, and he has revealed that making a good amount of money in the real estate world is something that simply takes time. If someone tells you you’re not a success because you aren’t making money within the first couple of years, Mr. Milstein advises that they should be ignored.

Mr. Milstein is a leader in his community, a successful real estate investor, and a generous philanthropist who has helped many people worldwide. He came to the United States from Israel in 1981 and attended USC where he earned his MBA. In 1983 he started out his real estate career in Southern California and is now a managing partner for the real estate investment company, Hager Pacific Properties.

His wife, Gila, and himself started the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which is in place to help better connect Israel with the United States. Through education and donations the foundation helps Jewish people to be proud of their heritage and for Israel to receive a fair shake in universities and other organizations. Mr. Milstein practices active philanthropy, which means that along with money donations, Adam, Gila, and other members of their foundation also donate their time to helping directly.

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Chris Burch, the Most Successful Real Estate Mogul

Christopher Burch was born on 28th March 1953 and happens to be the founder and the CEO of the famous Burch Creative Capital which is a Newyork based firm that has been entrusted in the management of brand development and venture investments. He also happens to be the Co-founder of Tory Burch LLC. By the year 2012, he was already a known billionaire who has committed his life for the betterment of other people too. He was listed by Forbes in February 2012 after his valuation that was his stake at C. Wonder which increased his net worth. He was also an aggressive investor of the famous Guggenheim Partners. He is always committed to his company’s success and has never been left behind when it comes to matters developing his life.

Chris Burch early life

He was born in a middle-class family and raised in Wayne in Pennsylvania. He is from a family of ten and had a father who used to work in the mining field. He owned mining equipment and also supplied them in the respective places. He has been on the frontline working harder towards ensuring that he becomes a greater person in future. This used to be his longtime dream since he was very young.   Read his insights and views on things around his area of focus, hit on this useful link.

According to, Chris Burch went to the famous Ithaca College in the year 1976 and that is when they opened a fashion business with his brother. They had an initial investment of $2,000 and they named their business s Eagle’s Eye apparel. They could buy sweaters at a wholesale and later sell them at a good profit. They were able to sell them to every campus colleague and thus increasing their sales. They later established a company that would help them produce a new brand of sweaters and this enabled them to sell to every door to door. The company did very well and within a year of successful sales, they had an accumulated revenue of $140 million and had also been able to open more than 50 retail stores. This was a great improvement and it was an indication of great managerial skills. They later sold part of the company to Swire Group and later sold the whole in the year 1998 at $60 million.  For his new and follow on investment, check on

That was a great boost to his new real estate business and they were able to create a lot of partnership with many people towards establishing great hotels in the industry. Chris Burch started by establishing the best shops and retail centers in the country to the best hotels. Currently, he has invested in great shopping complexes in the region.  For an overview of his diversified business investments, head over to

Take a tour to one of his awesome investment, visit

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Insightful information about Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, a leading financial services firm takes pride in its overall financial records stating a total of approximately $15 billion worth of assets entrusted to the firm for management. The company was initially set up in 1993 by its two founders, James Dondero and Mark Okada. The firm’s headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas with some satellite offices in Singapore, Seoul, New York, and Sao Paolo; created to avail their services to a broader range of clients. In addition to financial and consultation services, Highland Capital Management is a global solution to credit for both small scale and large scale entities. Some of the credit aspects that highland has specialized in include collateralized loans obligations, credit hedge funds, long term and short term equity amongst other financial services offered by the company. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Highland’s enjoys the pleasure of serving their friendly terms to a wide client base from which they draw their clients. Individuals, private organizations, public organizations, profit making and non-profit making firms are all seekers of highland’s products according to their needs and wants.

A unique character about Highland Capital Management is its keen involvement in charitable deeds aimed at bettering the society in which their personnel hail. The most common charitable deed usually carried out is a donation. Highland, however, stands out from the pool of corporates by extending their charity deeds through incorporating board membership of residents, volunteering in movements among other upcoming local activities. The firm has donated amounts totaling to $10 million to organizations in different parts of the world to help out in accomplishing of set out philanthropic tasks. One of the most known and acknowledged project is the partnership project with Dallas foundation purposed to better the livelihood of North Texas communities. Their humanitarian profile is improved by the co-founder, Jame’s, charitable giving nature as an act of giving back to society.


Highland capital management manages to remain relevant by involving in various corporate activities that also increase their total worth and the par value of their shares in the stock market. Some of the significant projects partnered with include the Collegium pharmaceuticals medicine launch with a high sales potential. The company’s competency across all divides is unquestionable since result on the stock markets, and affiliate companies attract new investors. Read more at

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The business mogul called Chris Burch

Many know him as the man behind C. wonder and the Tory Burch brands. Chris Burch’s presence is felt at most, if not all, of the most dominant industries in the economy. He has made substantial investments in the real estate industry, the fashion industry and most recently, the hospitality industry.

He later, after the sale of the company, invested in Internet Capital Group a reasonably successful Initial Public Offering, IPO. In 2012, Mr. Burch together with a business partner bought a hostel located in one of the Indonesian Islands. The pair pumped a lot of money into the project, and in three years, they reintroduced the posh five-star Indonesian resort by the name Nihiwatu.  Read more about the Indonesian resort on

In 2011, he began C. Wonder, a retail brand that deals with home accessories and décor. The brand was, however, later sold to Xcel Brand. In 2014, he partnered with Ellen DeGeneres and helped her launch a lifestyle brand known as Xcel Brand. He also, then in the year, ventured into the real estate industry and launched Cocoon9, a company that deals with contemporary homes.

That is not it, Mr. Burch also has an office supply enterprise and an additional brand by the name TRADEMARK that exclusively deals with women supplies and accessories. Mr. Burch also helped launch Tory Burch, a fashion company he co-owned with his wife.  For an additional article click on

In 2008, he established J. Christopher Capital LLC, a company he later renamed Burch Creative Capital. The company was founded with the intention of helping him in the management his multitudinous investments.  Learn about his new and follow on investment in this link on

Read about an entrepreneur’s gateway, check on this.

Chris appreciates the value of helping others get to the top. This is shown by him assisting other lifestyle brands to penetrate the market. A lot is said about his exemplary leadership skills. He was not so long a board member of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also, at some point in time, served as the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board.

He, Chris, has also made a lot of financial contributions to institutions serving a noble cause. Mt. Sinai Hospital is one such institution. The Sumba Foundation and the Henry Street Settlement are also beneficiaries of his kindness and generosity.

Have an in-depth look at his impressive investments on

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Talkspace: Therapy Can Be Had

For a lot of people, they don’t think they will ever get a shot at therapy. It seems out of reach for them. It is something that will never be able to obtain. It is why Talkspace was created and founded. It was for the people that need help more than anyone else but they can’t pay the high prices of going to an in-person therapist. They know all about the rejection and they have heard it too many times. They have made phone calls to a therapist’s office and they are usually met with a rude receptionist that informs them of the cost. They are unwilling to give them the therapy they need and deserve. It is a rather unsympathetic and nasty way for them to run a business.

They are at the end of their rope, and they want help. Talkspace, which offers talk, text, or video, is going to solve all of their problems. With their text plan, someone can text a therapist once a day for only 32 dollars. It is nearly impossible to find therapy that costs anything close to that. The goal is to help people, and it is something they take with the utmost seriousness.

It is very refreshing to know a company like Talkspace is out there for people, and they don’t have to feel so isolated and like no one out there in the therapy community cares. They are changing the way things are done, and change is always a good thing when it helps people. If they are having a panic attack or something just doesn’t feel right, they can reach out to their therapist and they can get the help they need when they need it. This is truly a blessing for so many people suffering out there.

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The Amazing Role of Banking to Society

NexBank SSB bank will be actively taking part in the Dallas women’s foundation which is celebrating its 32nd luncheon. The bank aims to hope to provide women with security and leadership tips by sponsoring the event and offering gifts worth $100,000. The dinner at the Anatole hotel will have Dr. Hope Jarren as the key note speaker. He is a famous scientist who has featured in the Times magazine most influential top 100. The speech will receive live stream in various schools countrywide. The Dallas women foundation is one of the largest of its kind and a leader in empowering women in social and economic welfare.

NexBank SSB has been in the industry since 1922 and has a huge asset reserve. The bank provides services such as banking, mortgages and institutional services countrywide. Under commercial banking, the organization offers services in commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, financial institutions, credit services, agency services, and treasury management.

The bank has various professionals dedicated to helping clients secure finance for their activities. NexBank works together with real estate firms, owner and investors to provide financing opportunities. The bank supports other developing financial institutions by helping them through the initial stages and the growth process. The bank’s experts work hand-in-hand with the developing financial institutions to enable them to grow their influence in the market. Through the agency services, the bank helps companies to service their debts by providing administrative agent and various loans.

NexBank offers mortgage banking services. With the warehouse lending services the bank helps in creating strong bonds with warehouse investor and therefore helping them to acquire more warehouses through a loan system. This service is tailor-made to suit the client’s needs and create ease of repaying. The bank has a wholesale and correspondent department tasked with immediate lending services upon request. NexBank has made it simple to go about the mortgage application process.

The bank has an excellent reputation for its institutional service developed according to the institution served. The bank offers treasury services with the aim of increasing the potential for short-term assets. The bank has established survives that help meets the needs of public depositors.

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Contributions of Christopher Burch through his entrepreneurial ideas

Amex was on a constant improvement mode until it parted ways with Christopher Burch. From the article, the key strategy emphasized is Getting Millennial to maintain the wealth. Apart from this, it also features a to-do list for their next CEO Stephen Squeri. All this has been aimed at putting up with the footsteps of Mr. Burch as well as regain the company’s brand.

Before Mr. Burch broke his ties with Amex, he had been a loyal user of the company’s products since 1979. It is not until this year that he opted to use any amount of his spending but only switch from the company. From here he joined the J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s Sapphire Reserve card as an option for his services. Mr. Burch is one of the single individuals with a recognition of having made riches in 2014. The article stresses on how to maintain the current giants such as Mr. Squeri and possibly win Burch back.

Referring back to Christopher Burch, he is considered as one of the wealthiest men with an innovative mind. Through his contributions, he founded the Burch Creative Capital where he still became the CEO. Since he joined the world of business, he has remained an active investor in unlimited businesses. His innovative and business oriented mind has helped him span the establishment of some of the key industries. Related article on

Among them include the luxury fashion brand and the Tory Burch that has till today been on a constant improvement. One of the exceptional virtue owned by Burch is his devotion to the power of branding. He has always been devoted to using his keen sense. This is a virtue that has contributed to his success in sales and marketing in all industries he engages.

It has been 40 years since he joined entrepreneurship and his contributions are noticeable. In this period, he has seen the rise of more than 50 companies all through his direct participation. To read more about the diversity of his investments, click on   At one time he was interviewed on how he manages to keep a balance in them all and still succeed. He explained this in three short techniques: innovation, continued realization of unusual success, and proper implementation of ideas.  For his latest innovative offering to the market, hit on

Additional article to read here.

He also explains the need to understand the behavior of your consumers as a strategy to maintain their relationship. He urges entrepreneurs with a dream to succeed to develop a mechanism of utilizing and sourcing infrastructure direct to the consumer channels.

Have a glimpse to his awesome resort investment on

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The Challenges of AmEx and Keeping Billionaires like Chris Burch

A recent news that hit the financial markets showed that there is a sharp decrease in the credits cards purchase supported by the AmEx network. Sadly, people, especially rich, are leaving its cards and moving to other cards in the industry. Entrepreneur, Chris Burch, who was a loyal customer of AmEx cards since 1979, shifted all of his spendings to Sapphire Reserve card offered by J.P. Morgan Chase, this year. Retaining customers like Burch is considered to be one of the critical challenges of the new Chairman of the firm, Stephen Squeri.

It is already confirmed that the firm is experiencing stiff competition from other banks and payment companies like PayPal. Therefore, Squeri is going to experience tougher days, and his priority should be bringing back millennials as well as loyal customers. Chris Burch confirmed that the concierge service offered by AmEx was not helpful for him to get tables at many high-end restaurants in New York City. He felt that hotel upgrade given to the card was bland. During that time, the employees of Burch suggested him Sapphire Reserve card, and he started using it.

However, Burch wrote about his disappointment to Kenneth Chenault, the outgoing Chairman of the AmEx. To add his disappointment, Burch received a generic email from the customer relations department, after a few weeks. It was clear that AmEx was missing competitive edge slowly and depleted its market without showing any regain strategy. It is confirmed that the card purchase volume of AmEx fell to 22.9% in 2016 to the total card purchase volume of the country compared to 25.4% in 2015.

Chris Burch is a renowned entrepreneur known for investments in various industries from fashion to hospitality. He also founded Burch Creative Capital, a firm that looks for creating disruptive brands in multiple industries by focusing on the entrepreneurial vision and values of Burch. It also efficiently utilizes the market opportunities, incubation, and creativity to produce long-lasting impacts on customer’s life.  To learn more about his entrepreneurial vision and output, check

To read his views on business related matters, head over to this.

Interestingly, Burch has created over 50 disruptive brands during his 40 years of career. He is known for nourishing brands include Jawbone, Voss Water, Poppin and TRADEMARK, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Faena Hotel + Universe, Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, and more.   Read more about one of his successful investment, click on  Burch started his ventures since his college days by founding Eagle’s Eye apparel. He is also known for many philanthropic initiatives and contributed to The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, NYU Langone, Mt. Sinai Hospital New York, and more.  More to read on

Be updated with his latest cool offering to the market visit


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Investment by Christopher Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch is a successive entrepreneur, having invested in businesses like technology, real estate, and fashion. He began his career at Ithica College, where together with his brother, they established Eagles Eye apparel at a cost of $ 2000 and later sold when valued at $ 165 to Swire Group. He then later invested in the Internet Capital Group.  Additional article here.

He was a member of Guggenheim capital and The Continuum Group. His entrepreneurial success has been realized due to the link he exercised in innovation and implementation as well as the understanding of the consumer behaviors.

Mr. Burch has invested much in real estate both at local and international level. Some of the investment includes the establishment of superfluity homes in Nantucket, Florida, Palm Beach and Southampton.  Have a glimpse to the entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton,  check   Recently he as refurbished Nihiwatu, in the Indonesian Island of Sumba, a luxury resort that he acquired.   Read more about Nihiwatu in this link on

He has been always dedicated to the power of branding, he is currently supporting the development of marketing and sales to business ranging from apparel, financial services, and technology, hospitality, and consumer products.

In 2011, Mr. Burch established C. Wonder that was later acquired by Xcel Brands. Then in 2014, Mr. Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres that helped to launch her lifestyle brand. During the same year, he launched Cocoon9, a superfluity prefab homes.  For an overview of his creative output, hop over to

Mr. Burch has served as the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board and on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also contributed to the philanthropic work towards the Mt. Sinai Hospital in the New York, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work and NYU Langone.

According to Chris Burch, you can create a magical work for your clients while at the same time avoiding mistakes by following tips like communicating throughout the process. This is where you and the client are required to have the knowledge of the work to be produced. Then if you are handling a number of projects, you have to learn how to prioritize them so as not to miss on deadlines. Another step is doing research basing on your earlier communication with your client. Knowing your limits is also an important aspect, you should just only accept the clients offer if only you are able to deliver. And lastly leaning on your resources, this is whereby in case you are provided with a job that you might not be able to complete, then you better hand it over to your partners who are good at it.

Read his views on business-related matters on


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Award Winning Sussex Healthcare Provides Families With Peace Of Mind

Sussex Healthcare is a support home in the UK that provides care for those with dementia, neurological injury’s, learning disabilities, and the elderly. Sussex healthcare has been around for over 25 years providing healthcare to those in need. Sussex Healthcare’s care for elderly provides people of age with a supportive and respective place to live where they still have their own freedom to live a completely normal life.

Due to experience Sussex Healthcare can take care of elderly people who have complex health issues and even those who do not. Due to all of Sussex Healthcare’s homes having programs with many activities to keep the elderly busy they will be exposed to as much social interaction as they want. Activities include handicrafts, music and movement, art therapy, cookery, quizzes, and reminiscence sessions. Along with the many activities that Sussex healthcare provides for the elderly they also have experts in all different types of therapies including but not limited to reflexology, occupational, and physiotherapy. Sussex healthcare provides the elderly with precise mealtimes with food made by experienced chefs.

Along with elderly people Sussex Healthcare also specializes in providing care for those with dementia and dementia related conditions. When it comes to Dementia patients they use a person-centered care approach and all staff of Sussex Healthcare can receive training in dementia care. 24-hour nursing care is one of the many perks at Sussex healthcare with their dementia care program. This means no patient will ever be alone when they need help. Care is personalized on a person by person basis after Sussex Healthcare staff gets to know each patient to make sure that everyone feels special and cared for. Just like the elderly care program the dementia care program also provides a great deal of programs and activities for patients to enjoy. Sussex Healthcare’s many different home choices based on care needs are widely ranged so every family can find the right place for their loved one to go to be cared for.

Sussex Healthcare gives families peace of mind by taking such good care of people in every way possible. Sussex Healthcare has won many awards for providing outstanding healthcare to patients in need of some extra help or love. They also train their staff beyond the means of many other homes out there so you know the people working with your loved one are trustworthy and caring to them.

Read More:

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