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Philip Diehl is currently the president of the US Money Reserve. Before that he served as the U.S. Mint Director. Diehl has made a solid track record for himself as an entrepreneur and, as such, has been making the rounds recently. He has appeared on business oriented news shows, forums, and discussion panels to share his experiences at both the U.S. Mint and U.S. Money Reserve. He recently appeared on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The show describes itself as a platform for successful entrepreneurs and business men to share their projects with others. On this particular episode, Diehl has a lively discussion with the shows host, Eric Dye.

While there Diehl elaborates on his experiences and describes how he turned an outdated government agency into a thriving entrepreneurial venture. For example, Philip Diehl headed successful initiatives like the popular 50 States Quarter Program. He also was responsible for the minting of the US government’s first official platinum coin.

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Many of his most successful enterprises involved recognizing and appealing to the highly active collectors market that surrounds the minting of US coins. This is a market with an economy all it’s own where seemingly outdated or low value coins can command a considerable price based on their make and year of production. After being appointed to the US Money Reserve, Diehl employed similar tactics. He increased availability of gold, silver, and platinum coins and encouraged them as a more stable currency alternative. Their popularity rises steadily as traditional markets continue to suffer recession and general instability.

By showing initiative and focusing on customer serviceof US Money Reserve, Diehl turned the U.S. Mint into one of the most successful government agencies around. His performance at US Money Reserve has been highly lauded by leaders in both government and business. His success shows what can be accomplished with an innovative mind and proactive business strategy.

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