Purchasing New Residential Investment Corp Stock

If you have ever purchased stock in the past, you know how the market can fluctuate. Sometimes, you are on the winning side of it and at other times, you will find your stocks have plummeted. Finding a winning stock can be difficult, but, with time and a little research, you can choose one that will consistently go up. New Residential Investment Corp has recently gone public and is offering stock in their company at a very reasonable price. Industry insiders believe that this stock will only go up because of the stable company environment that New Residential Investment Corp has. New Residential Investment Corp was started over ten years ago by two friends who knew they wanted to invest in purchasing mortgages at reduced prices and collecting the payments each month from consumers.

They knew that in order to start this type of business, they would need to have financial backing from other investors. They began by asking friends and family members to make these investments and soon, many people were knocking at their door to give them the financial backing they needed. They were confident that they could make this work and in looking back, they were right. The company first began by purchasing residential mortgages from traditional lenders. Once they had a small inventory of properties in their portfolio, they began selling these off at a much higher interest rate. This allowed them to make additional purchases and increase their monthly revenue.

Today, the company has grown to include many residential properties along with some commercial and condominium properties. They still have a small list of private investors that they work with but the company itself has enough revenue to continue to expand its property list. When New Residential Investment Corp released its stocks about a month ago, they offered it at a much lower base price than was expected. However, the stock price grew significantly within a very short period of time. Confidence in the companies continued growth is what prompted this purchase of their stocks. Many people feel that the price will only continue to go up.

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