Rebel Wilson: Happy Cats Purr

Have you ever wondered…Isn’t it romantic?

The new and hilarious movie “Isn’t it romantic” is just that cute, that afterward, you will ask yourself do you need more romantic in your life? However, this is not a sappy movie at all, although you might be confused with the title. But, whatever you might think, romantic comedies are always so popular.

The true validation of this fact comes from the audience that was thrilled with this movie which was released right on time – on Valentine’s day. It seems we’re all searching for romance – at least in the movies. Starring Rebel Wilson, this movie is breaking prejudices we might have when we see a chubby girl and a hot muscled guy together.

This movie is funny, interesting and dynamic, and it will keep you eating your popcorn for 90 minutes. A sort of an ordinary plot was improved by the unbelievable energy of Rebel Wilson, who plays the main part.

Isn’t It Romantic?

If you still haven’t seen the movie, here is the quick plot:

Rebel Wilson plays Natalie, a sweet but chubby girl with a lack of confidence, and no faith in true love or romance. No wonder, because her mother (Jennifer Saunders) told her that girls like them could only find a husband if he ever needs a visa. Natalie’s skepticism was growing in years, and so she is disgusted with the idea of romance. She hates love movies, and yet, her life is going to become one. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

She moved to New York where she started to work as an architect. But, not even in New York, men did not take her seriously, even though she is a professional designer of a hotel, and has a billionaire Blake as her client ((Liam Hemsworth). But, her life is soon going to be changed. After she was mugged in the subway and got hit by Blake’s limousine – her life took the other way round and become the thing she once hated – the romantic comedy.

She Is The Cat

Wilson, who has recently turned 39, is ready to surprise the audience once again. Namely, Rebel Wilson is the star in this year’s upcoming Cats movie. For this special occasion, she shared her photos with her Instagram followers.

The posts were showing her birthday celebration, where she took a cake-making class and was performing a so-called — “catzercise”. It’s actually the video of the rehearsal when Rebel and her friends were performing in furry cat costumes with cute kitty ears.

As Wilson commented under the photo, it was a surprise from her friends, and they eventually ended in CATZERCISE in Beverly Hills. Rebel Wilson continued her funny comments saying that Catsersize is a great way of getting a hot body for the summer. In her own style, she added the punchline: “Don’t be a pussy and try it.”

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