Reviewing the Role Played by the Manse on Marsh in Assisted Living

As senior members of the society age, they become disillusioned and detached from events and people around them. Relating with younger family members and friends becomes challenging. To help them age gracefully, it is often advised that they be taken to centers of assisted living. Such facilities often have people of the same age. With people of the same age band around them, they can revel in their lives once again.

Assisted living facilities offer professional residential services to clients. This helps them enjoy their prime by making them feel important and giving them a sheltered and safe environment to live in. Taking care of an old friend or family member can be stressful in normal circumstances because one had to balance it with everyday tasks. Getting them into such facilities helps relieve that stress. One of the facilities where older members of the society can be taken care of is The Manse on Marsh.

Brief History about the Manse on Marsh

The facility is located in San Luis Obispo, California. This is a convenient location close to shopping malls, restaurants, libraries and churches. It promises a new model in assisted living for the aged. The center offers a distinct routine that ensures the comfort and well-being of residents by improving their quality of life. Residents have professional and pleasant care-takers who ensure that they have a one-of-a-kind experience. It is also a lively and compassionate environment where they live their lives to the fullest, interact and enjoy each other’s company.
Residents are provided with individuality, security and confidentiality; things they would not have if they were in the outside world .They are also treated with dignity and have access to individual caregivers according to their varying needs. There are also domestic doctors who ensure the healthcare needs of residents are addressed.

Residency models

ManseBlog outlines that residency at the center is either permanent or provisional. Both stays guarantees residents access to services offered at the facility. Provisional stays are for folks whose friends or families are unavailable to take care of them for a while. Permanent stays on the other hand are for those whose friends and family members are totally unavailable or unable to take care of them from home.

The models are similar in the sense that both offer thorough maintenance services. These include individual laundry services, chauffeured transport, a fitness center and so much more. Other amenities available include a dedicated 24-hour staff and wheelchair convenience to all residents. There is a wide variety of accommodation options. Clients can choose from a range comprising of one bed, two bed and studio apartments. There are also cottages where several residents can live together and companion suites where those in relationships can live.  The Manse Twitter has further information about what the facility can provide.

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