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In an era of instant online access, Talkspace is taking on a new front. The company was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. The idea behind Talkspace is to give clients instant access to mental health professionals on a daily basis. Over the years, Talkspace has become more useful to people with all sorts of mental issues. In 2018, Talkspace teamed up with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps to help get the word out about mental illness and dispell the stigma that goes along with it.

Michael Phelps says that when he was a swimmer he would suffer from bouts of depression before events. He found the strength within himself to be able to talk to a therapist when he needed to in order to make himself feel better. He felt more empowered instead of intimidated about the issues that he was facing. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to team up with Talkspace. Phelps says that by telling his own story to people around the world he can help those get the help that they need without feeling insecure about it. He and Talkspace are breaking down the barriers between those who are seeking mental help and those who do not. View builtinnyc.com to learn more about Talkspace

Another thing that Talskspace can do is help people who face big challenges in their lives. Talkspace has a public blog that allows readers to figure out how to tackle these challenges. One of the biggest challenges people face is coming out to family and friends. This is a process that takes time for the individual and the friends and family of the individual too. People can benefit from coming out by knowing that they have a support group that cares about them and people who were also in the same position. This can help make things easier for everyone.

Talkspace is on the cutting-edge of helping people whenever they need it. In an age of smartphones, tablets, and the internet, it is good to know that there will always be someone there for a person dealing with mental health issues. They can start right here and right now.

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