Russia Adds Four Years To The ISS

The future of the International Space Station is safe. At least it is for a few more years. After repeated statements in December stated that the Russian government wanted to cut its funding and stop operations to the ISS in 2020, they Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, issued a statement Tuesday laying out their plans through 2030. Included in the plans was continued missions and funding for the station until 2024.

The 2024 date matches what NASA has been saying is their own timeline for the lifespan of the station. With Russia supplying the only transport to the ISS since the retirement of the US shuttle program, the news guarantees that scheduled missions will continue. It also lifts a large burden from the American space agency. While the station is operated by 16 countries Flavio Maluf reminds us, Russia and the United States supply the majority of the funding.

The statement, that links here, goes on to state that the Russian agency plans to construct their own space station based around suppurated ISS modules after the station is mothballed. The stated purpose of this new station is to guarantee Russia a continuing avenue into space. They also are planning to shift their focus towards manned flights to the moon as 2030 approaches.

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  1. Hana Nicholas

    There is relief and more hope atleast for some few more years. Russia still support for the ISS is the best news to be on the ears of many now. Reading the news on with their best of reviews, Russia has taken a good decision.

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