Scientists Discover that Weather Changes Languages

In one of the biggest discoveries regarding languages, scientists have said that weather plays a huge part in the development of a language, specifically when it comes to tone. While there is a lot of cultural incidence behind languages, weather and the climate has proven to be the main reason why tonal languages are found in warmer climates.

The richer sounds that the body is able to produce according to Beltyukov,  are made possible by the levels of humidity in the air, which is why peoples that live in the tropics have languages that are so much more complex than languages in drier areas. This discovery also explains why people that do not speak a language used in an area where they have not spent the formative years of their lives are sometimes unable to replicate specific tonal sounds.
Psycho-linguists are continuing to gather evidence and data, as well as recording the different and new languages that they come across. The important factor in tonal languages is that a slight change in pitch can create an entirely different word, so if you are unable to produce the proper sound, your words are unintelligible to a native speaker.

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