Scorpions on a Plane

Samuel Jackson’s film “Snakes on a Plane,” may have long since graced the box office, and movie addicts minds. But, what about Scorpions on a Plane. It sounds like it could be the next hit film. In reality, it’s simply one ladies personal plane story shows us that sometimes real life makes as good of a story as the movies.

A woman was simply trying to fly from Los Angeles to Portland when something unfortunate happened at take-off. No her ears didn’t pop at take-off, or the flight attendants getting her drink wrong, she was stung! A scorpion somehow had gotten onto the plane and stung her right in the hand.The plane quickly returned to the gate, she was taken off, and they treated her for the sting as Cabral Garcia noted. Flight attendants then did something that was probably never taught during their training. They killed the scorpion. Proving sometimes, you have to go above and beyond in your job.

Everyone handled the situation well. People were calm and even tweeted about the incident! It could have been a lot worst if mass hysteria would have ensued.

Although, the flight did originate in Mexico. One thing everyone is certain of, is that the scorpion won’t ever be flying again.

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  1. Jaylene Matias

    The plane was carrying many passengers affiliated with Oregon State’s mens basketball team, and they were highly amused. It’s still a mystery how the critter got on to the plane. There are many instrumentals on this that makes russhessay services do the most necessary things that makes it as unique as ever but I think it might be what they have planned well enough.

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