Scott Gelb: Atonement

Scott Gelb assumed the leadership role of Chief Operating Officer after founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill scaled back their involvement in the company, to pursue other passions, explicitly stirring their interests back to game creation and production.

Gelb, though honored to be promoted to the COO position, found it challenging to conduct himself in a manner that was conducive to his new job. He allowed his bias and demeaning ideas to shine through.

As a result, Gelb jeopardized the safety of those he was appointed to guide and instruct. Gelb has since been atoning for his actions, by participating in leadership training courses at the advisement of his colleagues.

League of Legends, allowed Scott Gelb to pull from all of his skills, and funnel them into one project. Scott Gelb spent a short stint in the healthcare industry before finally settling into Riot Games. According to Riot Games, League of Legends for the “right project” for Gelb to showcase his expertise. League of Legends is just as much Gelb’s baby as it is Riot Games’ development team’s prized creation.

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