Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur who loves private jets. Not only does he love jets, he also has a passion for the private charter jet industry.

Petrossov got started at an early age with his venture. After realizing that he was interested in technology while in college, he got involved with his first startup. A few years later, he was advising in the industry while he observed how things operating and developed ideas on how to make it run more smoothly.


His ideas turned into his business, JetSmarter. This app-based system involves becoming a member and booking private jets, group charters and travel on a private jet shuttle. There are offices London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Zurich, and Moscow, as well as its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The jets take members on flights to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, as well as plans to expand to South America, India and China.

Members can book flights around their own schedule with the greatest of ease by using this app. Petrossov views this as one of the best parts, the most rewarding thing about running such a business. He can improve the industry with his know-how and great understanding of it. Little did he know after only a few short years of experience with aviation that he would grow to be this excited and build a successful enterprise. He saw the frustration many people had with the way booking private flights and how it was all underutilized. With just a few ideas and talking to the right people (including support from entrepreneurs like Jay-Z), Petrossov was flying high with a truly worthy business model.

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