Seymour Segnit Promotes the MAGFAST Wireless Charging Revolution


Seymour Segnit struggled with finding the appropriate chargers for his household. All the many different members used different devices, and finding compatible chargers proved difficult. In recent years, manufacturers made the “incompatible situation” by design.

Not too long ago, the standard micro-USB charger worked on scores of different products. Today, manufacturers often design chargers that don’t work with competitor’s products. Seymour Segnit has a solution that could help others tired of buying tons of different charging cables. As CEO of MAGFAST, he developed six different wireless chargers. The company may spearhead a new wireless charging revolution.

MAGFAST did not come up with the idea for wireless charging. The tech giant Apple did. MAGFAST, however, produces its unique wireless chargers that come with an interesting feature. Magnets inside the chargers allow them to link like LEGOs. You can create charger artwork or put them together to save space. Take advantage of the chargers as you wish. Refer to This Page for related information.

The availability of six different chargers helps, too. Seymour Segnit offers the products under the “MAGFAST Family.” And what a family it is. The LifeCharger can charge pretty much any device. LifeCharger Extreme delivers a massive amount of power. RoadCharger, AirCharger, WallCharger, and TimeCharger round out the rest of the units.

On a side note, the chargers come with a built-in cable. So, you can perform cable charging, as well. Two USB ports further expand the chargers’ capabilities.

Seymour Segnit points out that MAGFAST Chargers hit the market with great enthusiasm. A crowdfunding campaign heralded MAGFAST’s debut. The money figures from the campaign proved impressive. It took about 15 minutes for the drive to pull in $300,000, a fantastic sum. Get Related Information Here.

Segnit shares the belief that charging cables are ugly and messy. Those who agree might gravitate towards wireless solutions. The MAGFAST Family has six chargers to help these consumers out.


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