Sharon Prince Believes That A Hopeful Place Will Boost Perspective

Sharon Prince posted a blog sharing her thoughts about the importance of hopeful spaces. As Sharon reflects on milestones from the previous year she gets a reminder of the power that hopeful spaces can bring. She remembers how they can communicate as well as bring more good into the world. Sharon and her team are on a mission to eradicate contemporary slavery as well as gender-based violence.

Sharon moves on to describe buildings where there feels like a direct connection between humans and nature is made. She describes a couple of places with high ceilings and tons of glass exposing people to birds overhead or beautiful landscapes. These spaces are meant to inspire and bring about a welcoming and peaceful environment. The experience as she describes it can be quite stimulating for new perspectives.

The spaces taken on a hopeful quality because the setting really removes all human barriers and encourages people who visit the site to put away their phones and feel inspired to communicate face-to-face with others. They can enjoy their surroundings and appreciate the beautiful view. It’s about taking a moment to put the day aside and just take-in a lovely sight which is nature. Hopefully, this environment sparks the imagination and helps people come up with new perspectives and ideas.

While Sharon Prince wants to hope that space can help boost inspiration she does understand that it’s up to the individual to have the dreams, goals, and ambition. Still she believes that a restorative place can help advance good. Sharon is working on many big initiatives but the five staple ones are faith, community, justice, arts, and nature.

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