Softball Size Hail Falls From Tornado

Everyone knows that spring time bring the chance for powerful storms. In some parts of the country, this could mean tornados. Such was the case in Dallas, TX on Sunday. When hail the size of softballs fell from the sky, people were rushing for cover. Now I am no meteorologist or anything, but when softball size hail falls from the sky, I would say that it would go down in the record books.

Texas is part of ‘Tornado Alley.’ It’s in that fierce weather pattern across the United States that has the ability to produce deadly weather during specific times of the year. There were two monster tornados that touched the ground and did massive damage to the area they hit. Thankfully, they didn’t hit in any housing projects and no one was injured that is known.

Retired weather enthusiast Susan McGalla chimes in saying I think if I lived in this part of the country I may be inclined to move. A storm that has the potential to throw hail of this magnitude is nothing to mess around with. Could you imagine if it was near a housing project how different the outcome would have been? If it was near were children were playing, it could have killed them. I will stick to my area of the country that sees massive amounts of snow, yet little of tornado activity. I don’t think my nerves could handle wondering all the time when the next big one would hit.

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