Solar Panels Given to Low-Income Homeowners

The New California Program

Low-income homeowners have been given the opportunity to receive major home improvements with solar power. These free solar panels will save much money on energy bills. Their savings will depend on their location. The cost for a rooftop solar array is expensive. The savings will be great for these homeowners. This is being made possible thanks to the new California program. The goal is to make solar power available to families who would greatly benefit from the savings. These families would not have the ability to purchase these panels. The program is funded from the State’s fight against global warming.


This program is managed and run by a nonprofit Grid Alternative, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital likes that. The solar arrays will be installed in neighborhoods that are disadvantaged. Solar power continues to spread. The use of solar has commonly been used by middle class individuals. The new program will be an asset to all low-income homeowners.

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