Solar Powered Plane Soon on 250 Days Journey

The solar energy can be used not only for cars, but for planes as well. Two Swiss pilots will embark on Monday, March 9th, 2015 on a 250 hours trip with a plane powered entirely by solar batteries. The world-round trip will keep Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg in a tiny cabin without fresh air and space to stretch at their own will for five months. During this time, they plan to sleep 20 minutes at every four hours, as one of them must be constantly on guard and track the plane’s route.

The flying route has 35,000 km stated the tumblr page on the planes journey. The pilots say that meditation and yoga helped them become concentrated enough to dare to start an adventure that requires long-time focusing. Time does not matter to them, the two pilots say. Will we have solar powered Boeings soon? Not very, the scientists say. The tiny Solar Impulse 2 that Bertrand and André are going to fly maintains on the go because of its very light weight and large wingspan.

Besides that, the pilots will try to constantly keep the speed at a half of the plane’s possibillity in order to spare the battery. Engineers say they need a new techlogical leap in order to use solar power for commercial flights.

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