Solar Powered Plane To Travel Around the World

Traveling non-stop around the world is often the goal of many travelers of new industries stated Flavio Maluf. This has been the goal for individuals since the creation of airborne crafts. While making a continual journey has not always been possible, inventors have longed to make new and improved equipment that allows for this kind of a service. This is why there is a now plane designed to attempt and make a complete trip around the world. This plane is unlike the others that have traveled before it though. It does not use any sort of fuel to propel engines. Instead, it simply users the power of the sun.

The Solar Impulse 2, which has the entire top portion of the plane, ranging from the wings to the body, covered in solar panels, took off form Abu Dhabi on Monday. Now, due to the way solar power works, it is not going to be able to make a complete cycle around the world yet. This is more of a test run. This test run has several scheduled stops. The stops run throughout the center of the globe, as its first stop is going to be after a 12 hour flight in Muscat, Oman, which then leads up to Myanmar, China and eventually on to the United States.

If the flight is able to complete, it is going to be the first time any solar powered airplane has been able to make this journey.

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