Southridge Capital Grabbed Success By The Horns – Read This And You’ll Be Able To, Too

Investments are difficult to get right. Dealing with them, whether one knows what they’re doing or not, is so stressful because managing a portfolio is equivalent to managing everything one earns throughout one’s career – it’s difficult and makes decision-makers want to pull their proverbial hair out of their respective scalps, though financial services providers are still more than willing to take on such responsibilities for clients.


Southridge Capital loves taking on new high-wealth clients. Specializing in the hauling in of small to mid-sized companies to take them under the investment firm’s wing, Southridge Capital has effectively cemented its name in the parking lot that such firms throughout New England and the East Coast share with one another.


What does Southridge Capital stand for?


Southridge Capital cares about little more than the satisfaction of its clients. However, one of those added interests is philanthropic endeavors.


According to PR Newswire, corporate social responsibility doesn’t feel like an obligation to Southridge Capital founder and CEO Stephen M. Hicks, fortunately for the hundreds of causes he and his wife Mary have helped out so significantly throughout the years. The Daystar Foundation, the philanthropically-active nonprofit business that Mary and Stephen Hicks founded themselves, has worked together with Southridge Capital since 1998 to give organizations like the Ridgefield Community Center, Walnut Community Hill Church, and the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation sums of money so significant that Southridge Capital and partner firm the Daystar Foundation have effectively earned reservations in each of the above three organizations’ contact books as their resident donor. You can visit their website for more.


Who works for Southridge Capital?


Currently, about 32 people work for Southridge Capital, though the most important are four other well-seasoned workers in the world of financial services: Henry B. Sargent, a practicing lawyer who works as the general counsel to Southridge Capital and also its chief operating officer; Linda Carlsen, the manager of the investment firm’s central portfolio; Narine Persaud, the CFO of Southridge who has worked for the investment management firm for some 15 years; and Laurence J. Ditkoff, the official evaluator and selector of all investments. You can follow their Twitter page.


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