Southwest Grounds 128 Planes

Southwest moved to ground 128 of of its planes Wednesday due to missed inspections. The planes represent roughly 20% of the airline’s aircraft. Their grounding resulted in quite a few flight cancellations. 90 flights were cancelled on Tuesday, with more expected to be cancelled again Wednesday.

The inspections in question are for the airline’s Boeing 737-700 jets. An airline spokesperson, Brandy king, released a statement to the media about the groundings, indicating that the choice was voluntary by Southwest and that the airline hopes to get all the effected flights back up in the air within the next 5 days. Travelers like Brad Reifler will have to wait to see if their flights are affected.

The FAA has also released a statement about the issue, indicating that they are working along with Southwest on the issue, with the hope of getting all of the planes inspected and back up in the air as soon as possible. Both parties have made sure to emphasize that the decision was voluntary and not forced by the FAA.

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