Step Away from the Wallet with Wengie’s Cost-Effective Beauty Hacks

Think about it for a minute: How many important beauty steps do you skip as a result of low funds? Probably quite a few, right? Thankfully, beauty advocates, like YouTube personality, Wengie, work tirelessly to compile some useful hacks that save women time and, certainly, plenty of money! To sweeten the deal, most of these tricks incorporate the use of common household items.

1. Non-Traditional Hair Color? Make Your Bobby Pins Match Easily!

Surely you have noticed Wengie’s flawless purple, blue, and pink hair, but you might not know the tricks behind how she keeps it perfectly styled yet with unnoticeable tools. Traditionally, bobby pins are brown and black, so to get those funky colors, Wengie simply paints them with nail polish. The end result? Secret styling tools, of course!

2. Remove Your Nail Polish with This Kitchen Staple

Imagine using a kitchen sponge in your beauty routine in a way that is not for cleaning, but instead helps remove that pesky nail polish off of your nails. Take a small mason jar, cut the sponge to size, fold it inside, and then pour polish remover over it. Make sure that you left a spot to stick your nails in, though!

3. Make Your Own Makeup Remover Pads

High prices often result from the use of unnecessary packaging, so it is best to simply make your own product, but with the same ingredients. Take a zip lock bag, put some drug store pads in, and pour makeup remover in the bag. Close it and shake it up for simple, ready to use cleansing pads that are perfect for when you do not feel like washing your face or even for traveling.

4. Ditch the Cleaner; Use Coconut Oil

People are sometimes iffy about using any sort of chemicals on their skin, which is understandable. If you are one of these people, consider using coconut oil as a makeup remover. This oil not only removes even caked on makeup, but leaves your skin soft and full of vitamins as well.

5. Restore Moisture and Plumpness Easily

Remember those homemade cleansing pads? Well, make a separate bag, but replace the remover with toner. Once you do that, take two of the pads and place them on your cheeks before getting ready each day, as the pads will restore moisture and elasticity to your face quickly and easily.


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