Steve Lesnard, Product Marketing in a Digitalized World

New digital and social platforms have changed the way people market their products and brands. While these new mediums have an array of benefits if they are not leveraged well, they can lead to failure. Steve Lesnard is well versed with digital marketing well and recommends some convenient ways one can use to leverage technology. If you want your marketing strategies to work, Steve Lesnard recommends having them focus on consumer benefits. Good marketing strategies are those that focus on the consumer and center around them. The marketing strategy also needs to add real value to the customer’s life. Lesnard recommends two principles that brands should follow when marketing their products. They are:

  1. Make it real

Consumers always purchase real products, and they can relate to daily. If your advert shows a product, it is not real to the customer and has no life. Digital mediums allow you to personify products and make them real through the use of videos. A good example is Yeti and how they used videos to showcase how their coolers can cool and warm drinks at any time. According to Steve Lesnard, a consumer that sees this will see first-hand how their products are of use to them and the value they have because they are brought to life through the videos.

  1. Keep it simple

Another principle that Steve Lesnard highly suggests is by keeping the marketing campaign simple but yet memorable. The message in the campaign should be clear enough to understand and yet still stick in the minds of the consumers. If the marketing campaign slogan or advert is complex, the consumer does not receive the message, and therefore, they are unable to comprehend it. Ensure that your message relays the benefits that the consumer receives once they use your product. A good example is iPod who relayed their benefit in the advert 10k songs on your phone. The marketing slogan should tap in into your consumer’s needs and their emotion to provoke action in them and make them purchase the product you are selling.

Ultimately, if you utilize digital mediums correctly, you can increase your sales and your target audience.

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