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Businessman Vinod Gupta Starts Business With $100 And Sells It For $680 Million

Born in India, Vinod Gupta has been living in Omaha, Nebraska, since the 1970s. He earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering in India and a master’s degree in this subject at the University of Nebraska. He founded Business Research Services soon after graduation, which became a highly successful publicly-traded firm. In 2008, he created an investment and consulting firm, Everest Group LLC, where he is the chairman of the board of directors.

Business Research Services, now named InfoGROUP, is a database company that creates national lists of companies in various industries. Companies buy their lists for many reasons. They might want to find all the restaurants near a certain landmark, for instance, so they can market their products and services to them. A small business can spend $300 a month to get access to sales leads and mailing lists. For $150 a month they gain access to Credit.net. This is a service that provides unlimited business credit reporting.

Vinod Gupta started the company with just $100. By 2002, it had $302 million in sales annually and employed more than 1,800 people. It became publicly traded in 1992 and when he sold it in 2010 it was valued at $680 million. Even though his college degrees had nothing to do with what this company does, he says that his education is what made all of this possible.

He wants to provide the same educational opportunities to others that he got. Vinod Gupta supports educational opportunities in India and the United States. A graduate of the University of Nebraska, Vinod Gupta funds scholarships so other people can attend this school. He supports public schools and colleges in India, including those that are girls- or women-only. The fields of education he focuses on include wildlife preservation, technology, intellectual property law, information technology, telecommunications, and science.

For details: vinodguptainvestments.com/

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