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Dr. Rodney Rohrich: The Progression of an Expert in the Field of Plastic Surgery Through His Writings

Dr. Rod Rohrich started recording and publishing his writings in 1980. Because of his undying passion for his expertise craft, Dr Rod Rohrich has published a number of writings that are meant to inform and report on his findings. These invaluable publications are a benefit to his colleagues, students, and the medical field of plastic surgery.

Throughout his career he has continued to progress in the field of plastic surgery and the effects that it has on the face and body. His early workings were focused on the skin and issues concerning an assortment of skin conditions. These early works between the years of 1980 and 1982 include publications on smoke inhalation, Carotid Artery Disease, soft tissue injuries, skin cancer, and skin related surgeries.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continued to expand his own knowledge and offer his personal findings and expertise through numerous writings created in 1983 such as “Soft Tissue Expansion in Reconstructive Surgery,” “Cleft Lip and Palate Patient-Clinical Considerations,” “Horizons in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” and “Research and Clinical Considerations of Soft Tissue Expansion in Reconstructive Surgery-Dermatology.” His clinical research involved writings on subjects such as breast augmentation, burn victims, reconstructions, and medical updates.

In 1984 Dr. Rod Rohrich took on a more extensive view of the issues surrounding the reconstruction of issues regarding the palate. Dr Rod Rohrich and his wife Diane L. Gibby, M.D. have worked together to assist in programs to help underprivileged children. His generous attitude towards the needs of children is expressed by his involvement with the March of Dimes, the Dallas chapter of the American Cancer Society, and Save the Children/Dallas. He is one of the founders of the Dallas for Children Foundation.

His career has continued on with over a thousand publications to his name either written by himself or in collaboration with his esteemed colleagues. From 1984 to 1987, his publications focused on issues concerning other areas of the body including the hands, skin grafts, and publications related to the findings and teachings of these areas. These teachings included such publications as “Syndactyly Correction Without Skin Grafts” and “Plastic Surgery: Time for a Change?”

From 1987 to present, Dr. Rod Rohrich has continued to sharpen his skills and share his knowledge about all things concerning reconstructive and plastic surgery. His vast knowledge of this area has led him to receive numerous awards and acclamations for his extensive work in beautifying the world one face at a time.

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