Take Out The Big Bucks: The Organization To Take Out Money In Politicos

You remember back in 2010 when the Supreme Court made a decision for the Citizens United vs. FEC Case? If you don’t here’s a recap.

Back in 2008, Citizens United wanted to release “Hillary: The Movie. This movie was produced to be aimed at Hillary Clinton, who ran against Barack Obama in 2008. The movie was going to be released, but the FEC rules against Citizens United because it would influence the Election of 2008.

A 5-4 decision stated that PACS and Super PACS can spend money the way they want to, but some people didn’t agree with that. They wanted money out of politics. So, End Citizens United was formed.

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization to not only end Big Money in politics but to reform the campaign finance system.

They are currently endorsing many candidates in the 2018 Election, including Jacky Rosen and Jack Tester, and Elizabeth Warren for the U.S Senate.

They currently have a campaign going on called “The Big 20”, and their main goal is to defeat candidates who have special interests in oil companies, Drug companies, etc. They currently have aim on Ted Cruz, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and many other current representatives.

End Citizens United is planning to spend 35 Million in 2018 to help our country and expected to raise a lot more.

According to USA TODAY, Tiffany Muller, President, had stated that “the group is still examining the races in which it will be active in 2018, but indicated it could play a role in defending Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana next year.”

They are located in Washington DC, and if you wish to join the fight to end corruption in the white house and to take big money out of politics, you can go to http://endcitizensunited.org and help in many ways.

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