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The World Health Organization (WHO) says that nearly ¼ of the world’s population will suffer some kind of mental illness at some point in their lives. What makes that number even worse is that most who have mental illness live sequestered in some form of societal isolation. Manhattan, at one point, was much more bohemian than it is today, and way back in 1948, those with mental illness got together and created “Fountain House.” It was borne out of a desire for those with mental illness to have a group in which to support one another.


With the support of people like Jeremy Goldstein, a Manhattan lawyer, Fountain House is still in existence. The fountain, which can be found in the back, was the center of a garden where many congregated. This community house, where those with mental illness can live, learn and work with one another, was named after that backyard fountain.


Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney in New York, has a been a board member of Fountain House since 2010. Holding a J.D. degree from New York University, he has made time to be a part of Fountain House for nearly a decade. This attorney runs his own law firm and is also involved with the American Bar Association, serving as a member of a few committees. The upcoming fundraiser for Fountain House will likely be one of the go-to events of the year. Mr. Goldstein has done a world of good with Fountain House and without him, it may not have flourished as it has.


Aside from the altruistic work he does with Fountain House, Mr. Goldstein also participated in the one of the largest mergers in the past decade, which was when Goodrich was acquired by United Technologies. His eponymous law firm has dealt with several large mergers and acquisitions in recent years. He has created a nice career for himself and he readily shares his time with those not quite so fortunate.


When looking back on his legacy, he can remind himself that he did a world of good for the folks who have, at one time or another, called Fountain House home. Without the support of people like Jeremy Goldstein, the fates of many could have been a lot worse. Manhattan is full of wealthy, successful people, yet few of them give of themselves and their time the way Jeremy Goldstein does.


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