The charitable contributions of Vinod Gupta


Vinod Gupta is a business mogul who is a perfect embodiment of a self-made entrepreneur. He grew up in a remote village in India. His first bachelor degree was in Agricultural Engineering that he finished in 1967. Mr. Vinod started developing his career when the University of Nebraska accepted his services as a young graduate in the system.

As if an engineering degree was not enough, he also pursued a business education, which earned him a Master’s degree in Business Administration. After completion of his masters, Vinod Gupta managed to secure a position in Commodore in the United States. The company dealt in the construction industry that specializes in mobile houses. Working with Commodore gave him an excellent opportunity to start nurturing his career. He made a fortune from the company and decided to his luck in investing in other mobile house manufacturing industries.

The outcome of this investment granted him a breakthrough in his business career. He walked out of Commodore and he established Business Research Services and American Business List. He founded the company that had only two workers at the beginning. Mr. Gupta did not forget the fruits of his education and decided to donate some of his achievements.

Since the charity began at home, his first donation went to his home country. He donated 1million dollars for the development of a polytechnic institution for women in his village. Another contribution of 2 million dollars went to the Indian Institute of Technology in 1991. An investment of another 2 million dollars enabled the establishment of Law School at Kharagpur.

His donations in America went to the University of Nebraska. He disbursed a sum of 2 million dollars for the invention of a business management program in the institution. Moreover, he added another 500,000 dollars for scholarship services for the students. Mr. Gupta respects the benefits of education is spending his life donating most of his financial achievements in education empowerment.

Vinod is one of the successful businessmen in the world today. His accomplishments are attributed to his down-to-earth character and not to the billions he makes from his companies.


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