The Crescent, The Cross And The Trabuco

During the Middle Ages there was a time when an epic conflict had erupted. The Muslim and Christian faiths were locked in an all-consuming struggle to determine who would win the Holy Land of Jerusalem. This war was so vast and such a huge event that it literally lasted for hundreds of years. It impacted millions of lives in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa.

The Great Crusades were fought with religious fever, elite forces, vast armies, battle lust, holy temperament and war machines of great magnitude. The trabuco was a main weapon during the crusades. It helped both sides to attack and defend positions. It helped both sides to win victories and to lay claim to glory.

The trabuco is known as the trebuchet and it is a weapon to be reckoned with. The trabuco was created in China around 500 B.C. Since that time, it made its way across Europe. By 1100 A.D. nearly every major army on the Earth had a trabuco in its arsenal according to This weapon had the ability to launch massive projectiles at enemy forces. It could be used to hurl fiery pitch from hundreds of meters away. It could also be used to defend against invading forces with large stone boulders that would smash enemies below.


The trabuco was the world’s great artillery machines of the past according to They were frequently used to bring down cities, to crumble fortresses and to break apart the strongholds that could be forged by man. During the crusades the great leaders of the conflict used trabucos to defend their positions and onslaught the enemy.

Some of the most famous battles of the Crusades were fought with the aid of the trabuco. The Battle of Harrin, the Siege of Acre and the First Battle of Ramla were all fought with the trabuco. Hundreds of them were erected and launched at enemies. Crews worked furiously around the clock to ensure that the enemy would feel the wrath of their siege engines. The trabucos made a difference for all factions involved within the Crusades. At one point in time during the Crusades, each side could honestly say that the trabuco helped them to gain victory.

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