The Cut Interviews Sunday Riley on Good Genes and the Creation of Makeup

Earlier this year, published an interview about cult beauty brand pop-up hit, Sunday Riley. The interview covered topics including her origins, Good Genes, the creation of make-up and, of course, her unusual moniker.

Sunday Riley mentions that when she founded the brand, she felt that there were not enough botanical ingredients in current make-up lines. She prefers to use what she calls “green technology”. This is the process of mixing science based active ingredients with the botanical ones.

When she was asked about how she learned to craft her make-ups, Sunday says that she has learned mostly on the job. She finds a better product being made by working with the ingredients in what sounds like a very organic manner. Discussing her pride in the Sunday Riley brand, she says that if she loses pride in a product, she replaces it, or reworks it. In fact, only one Sunday Riley product is still around from her early days in business.

Discussing her product, Good Genes, Sunday says she is proud to have it in the line-up. However, she doesn’t give it more pride than her other products. She does state that it is one of the hardest products she’s ever made and she makes it in twenty different shades.

When asked about the origin of her name, she attributes it to her father in the “hippy era”. She says he claimed to want her to have a name that it would be easy to go into business with in the future. Sunday recalls it being difficult to grow up as an “awkward, chubby kid” with her name. However, she finds herself glad to have her name and be who she is.

Sunday does use her own products. She clearly would not sell anything that she is not happy using her on her own skin. The attention to detail she discusses in this interview shows dedication and passion. She Seems, however, to almost separate herself from her brand, avoiding reddit, and other internet information sources on the topic for the most part.

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