The Events Led To The Formation Of End Citizens United And Its Success In The Recent Years

End Citizens United is one of the largest PAC in the U.S. with extensive volunteer and contributor base. It is interesting to know that the origin of the PAC is from a Supreme Court order in 2010 that removed the election campaign finance restrictions. James Bopp, a senior lawyer from Indiana, paved the ways for the verdict with his arguments. He was presenting the case of a small conservative PAC, Citizens United since it was denied to broadcast a movie based on Hillary. Bopp took the case finally to the Supreme Court and argued that entities and corporation should have rights similar to the citizens.

The Supreme Court accepted this argument, gave corporations similar rights of citizens, and addressed them as “persons.” The court also stated that stopping corporations from spending in elections to defeat a particular candidate is against their First Amendment Rights, and it is unconstitutional. The court removed the campaign finance laws that were restricting the corporations from unlimited spending. The verdict became a major setback to the electioneering process of the country considering the unrestricted and unaccounted flow of money into the campaign system in the later years. James Bopp has appeared multiple similar types of cases across various state courts and the Federal Supreme Court to remove all the laws that were restricting the interference of corporations into the election process.

Now, many people feel that the system rigged against them after the verdict, and that is being translated into a massive support to End Citizens United. It should be noted that the PAC was founded in 2015 to resist the changes in election campaign system after the Citizens United verdict. Per the latest information, the PAC could collect $4 million, in the form of contributions, during the first three months of 2017. It should be noted that PAC has made a ceiling on individual contributions at $5000. The PAC has laid out plans to collect $35 million before the midterm elections for Congress in 2018. If it is achieved, that could be a major achievement considering its collection of $25 million in the 2016 Presidential election.

Tiffany Muller, the President of End Citizens United, confirmed that almost 100,000 people contributed during the first quarter. Interestingly, about 40,000 of them are first time contributors to the PAC. By raising the targeted amount, the PAC plans to elect “election-finance reform champions” in the next year election. Muller continued that the average contribution per individual stands at $12 this year. The PAC is actively involved in the campaigning process of candidates who are found to be pro-reform and liberal. In the initial weeks of April 2017, End Citizens United asked its supporters to contribute about $500,000 to the campaign of Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate in Georgia.

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