The Man Behind EUSA Pharma: Carson Thiel

EUSA Pharma, a European pharmaceutical company known for several high profile medications such as Neulasa, Strensiq, and Prolia, is revolutionizing the field of biotechnology today. This success can, largely, be attributed to its president – Carson Thiel. The man behind the success of this company has impacted the lives of uncountable by patients by engineering the development of many medical breakthroughs.

Thiel was exemplary from his youth and eventually went on to study Chemistry at Marburg and later attended the University of Bristol, wanting an Anglo-Saxxon education, and studied Organic Chemistry, a trying discipline that requires tenacity, intelligence and diligence. After receiving his Bachelors of Science, Theil pursued further education in Biochemistry, a subsidiary of the life sciences that studies a wide variety of biochemical and metabolic reactions and ties in well to Thiel’s later pursuits within the field of Pharmacology. To finally complete impressive education, Theil pursued a PhD. in Molecular Biology at a prestigious school that matched his prestigious academic career: the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry.

After finishing his formal education, Thiel entered the field of Pharmaceutical as a Communications and Product Manager at Hoffman La-Roche. That being said, a career in the sciences means you’re learning is never done and Theil continued to learn throughout his life, despite being out of school.

In addition, Carsten Thiel has taught many the role of empathy and compassion within the field of pharmaceuticals, developing methods of research, education, and administration that put the needs of the patient first.

As medications continue to move forward to stunning new heights, many people within the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals forget the role of the humanities within the field of medicine. The fundamental goal of such fields is, of course, to improve the lives of people.

Thiel’s success within this initial endeavour eventually spearheaded and lead to him to where he is today.

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