The Man Who Trained Blake Griffin: Meet Yanni Hufnagel

Among coachers, most professionals know the story of Yanni Hufnagel as the sports lover that ascended to the position of assistant coach for many famous American University teams. He has coached the college basketball team of Harvard Crimson Men, Vanderbilt and the Commodores, California University’s Golden Bears and his most recent coaching position for the team Nevada Wolf Pack.

Basketball has always been a passion of Hufnagel, and being the coach of a basketball team has always been a lifetime goal that he had since he participated in games during his High School days.

Although he is the assistant coach, it is a milestone that he managed to achieve with great success. Not only that, but Mr. Hufnagel is regarded in the entire country as one of the most recommendable coachers and recruiters to any college basketball team.

When he was younger, he was living in New York, Scarsdale. He was playing basketball for the Scarsdale High School before he got a renowned position in a TV channel hosting games between teams as a commentator. It was already a big advancement considering he had just started his high school education.

After that period, Mr. Hufnagel attended the Pennsylvania State University for one whole year while he was also contributing towards the Uni’s lacrosse team, but then he got to move on to Cornell University.

Among the athletes that he helped in coaching and teaching the principles of basketball, he has taught Blake Griffin, one of the most skilled American basketball players that are currently playing. The training occurred at the University of Oklahoma.

Although Yanni has not yet served as the main coacher of the teams that he has worked for, he’s still one of the best teachers in the sport and has earned his respect among other celebrities of the area. Any college team knows Yanni and the teams that he has helped develop.

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