The rise of under the governance of Richard Liu

In January 2018, Richard Liu attended an interview headed by Davos-Klosters in Dallas. Liu believes that although he is busy most of the time, he found time for the discussion to get an opportunity to hear from other people in other parts of the world. In the interview, he brought out unique strategies that he used to develop his company. Richard Liu is the originator and Corporate Executive of JD.Com. is a reputable e-commerce enterprise with a net worth of $11 billion as of the current Forbes news.

During the interview, aided by interpreters, Richard Liu brought out the meaning of the company in full; he said that the name of the company came from the first letters of his first name and the last letters of his wife’s last name. Liu started his career after his Sociology Degree. After a series of jobs with the degree, he realized that the salary he received was not what he had been dreaming for; so, he enrolled for another degree, this time computer programming. He extended the knowledge through a certification called EMBA from an International School.

After the new studies, Liu was able to secure a job as the director of computer and business at Japan Life for two years. In the interview, Liu brought out the challenges he went through in his childhood, stating that his parents had to sell coal in the street markets of China to raise him. At first, Liu tried various businesses before settling to selling magneto-optical products from a 4 square meter shop. He was committed to getting money to cater to his grandmother’s medical expenses.

Within years selling the optical products, Liu decided to expand his territories to more shops in the market. At some point, the SARS situation came in, and this forced him to close most of his shops. This created another opportunity for his business as he immediately enrolled in an online store. He believes that the new company was more profitable, less costly, and efficient. Today, is one of the biggest online platforms, selling millions of products around the world.

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