The Smiley Face Universe

There are billions of different universes out there. We just happen to live in one. The Hubble Telescope has been instrumental in locating different galaxies and finding where they are located. The extremely powerful telescope is unlike anything on the earth. The main reason is anything on the earth has to deal with light pollution and the ozone, which in turn is going to reduce visibility and make it far more difficult to find anything of consequence a long ways off. Of course, with so much out there, it is going to take lifetimes to every cover every corner os pace with the telescope. However, recently, it discovered a rather interesting looking object in space: a smiley face.

A galaxy cluster known as SDSS J1038+4849 has a a truly remarkable shape that looks just like a smiley face. With two glowing eyes and several different curved lines around it at seem to outline a head and place a smile on the face. Of course. This simply appears like this from our manage point. Paul Matheison tweeted a picture of the two glowing eyes are two individual galaxies on Twitter. The lines around the eyes that make the smiley face effect though? This is known as a strong gravitational lensing. This occurs when a strong gravitational pull between two different galaxies actually causes a distortion in time itself. When there is a heavy pull of gravity, time inside of the gravity field may seem to be a few minutes, when outside of the gravity field it can be decades.

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