The Work of Alec Sellem

Alec Sellem has made a name for himself as a successful businessman. Sellum is s the CEO and founder of Sellem Industries LLC, a London based firm. Alec Sellum is responsible for the unique vision of this company. Over the years he has worked to build with energy conservation and business-minded professionals strong partnerships.

Alec Sellem is a native of France where he has received most of his education. He has also spent lots of time studying in Africa. Through numerous trips to this continent, Sellem has developed a connection with African countries because of their people, culture and unique landscape. Sellem has spent lots of time in Sierra Leone where he has been instrumental in building up the area. His company is responsible for mining and and refining locally sourced gold. Sellem places a great value on building relationships and boosting the economy over the long term.

Recently Alec Sellem sat down to discuss what it has taken for him to become successful. Sellem has always had a desire to be an entrepreneur. For years he has been interested in gold and the state of gold trade. Over the years he has worked hard to find ways bring together new and modern ways to mine and refine goal. Sellum has been intrigued with Africa since an early trip there while in school.

Sellem’s company Sellem Industries stands apart from similar groups in the industry. While working in Sierra Leone the company has developed infrastructures that have improved the daily lives of residents. His company has developed relationships with clients and has become a trusted part of the community.

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