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Toyo Setal is a company located in Brazil that handles construction and industrial protection. The company focuses on creating and producing complex supplies for other companies that primarily are in the procurement, engineering, commission and construction sectors. Toyo Setal is a subsidiary of TS Participações e Investimentos SA. The company works to meets the needs of its clients. The company has a great amount of experience because of its many years of serving enterprises with the success of being committed to productivity, security, profitability and sustainability. Customers always enjoy the great technical quality they receive from working with this company.

The success of Toyo Setal can be linked to its innovative software. The Brazillian company has always been a pioneer in using the latest technology with their projects. The Event Avena World Summit in 2014 granted the company the Innovation In Engineering Project Integration Award. The company would be nothing without its trained staff. The staff here are very dedicated to making sure the company operates at its best ability. It is the staff that actually sets this engineering company apart from the many others located in Brazil. These professionals are multidisciplinary, high-performing and are more than qualified to deliver results. They understand how to be productive to meet deadlines and achieve goals for the company.

Building a company that can withstand the wilds of the business world is not easy. The founders and leaders of the company have implemented values, innovation, strategic planning and the right individuals to cook up a recipe that produces a successful company. Demanding quality and reliability from their workforce has pushed this company to the point of national and global success and recognition.

The future of Toyo Setal is all about serving their clients and expanding their business. They want to continue to work in the sectors of construction, engineering, commissioning and procurement. They want their workers to continue to be satisfied with their jobs. They want their workers to feel special and now that this employer cares about their livelihood. Most importantly, they will continue to please their customers with great quality and customer service.

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