Ashley Lightspeed’s Creativity

Ashley is a partner at The Lightspeed Ventures, a company which has significantly transformed the digital media industry as well as consumer consumption. She believes that her creative background helps her bring ideas to life.

Ashley learned to think divergently while still young; she came from the family of an architect and a seamstress. Ashley believes that conducting a considerable amount of research and user testing is imperative when trying to convert an idea to life. To her, this helps in determining whether or not the plan will flourish when actualized and presented to the market. She believes that her ability to keep things flexible also comes in handy. Check out to read full interview of Ashley Lightspeed.

An Exciting Trend Ashley Admires

Ashley Lightspeed is fascinated by the population shift in which the Boomer generation will be retiring soon, creating enough space for more seniors to flood the market. She believes that this shift ensures increased innovation in products and services meant for the older population. What makes her obsessed with this trend is the fact that the older generation will be able to age at home as opposed to nursing homes which will in return open up more areas for investment.

To Ashley, such a shift might have been inspired by an increase in Medicare. To her, the three areas that will be well hit by this shift are financial services, which is a vital area for innovation, in-home IoT technologies, and care services. This shift will, therefore, provide several opportunities such as the provision of financial solutions.

A Habit That Ashley Believes Has Made Her Stand Out as An Entrepreneur

Ashley Lightspeed holds that her ability to keep in touch with the people she meets has helped her a great deal. She believes that from such connections, she obtains a deal flow since the entrepreneurs and friends she is in touch with as well have acquaintances elsewhere, which creates a web. Therefore, if she needs a favor or an insight into a specific field, getting one would not be a problem due to her connections.

Ashley advises other entrepreneurs to develop a natural curiosity to learn about people and create connections. She, as well, urges that one should record and take seriously customer observations and insights, an idea she learned when she was a store associate at the bookstore while pursuing her first degree. Read more:

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