Tsunamis Wall to Extend 250 Miles in Japan

After Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami, which killed approximately 19,000 people, they hope that they can prevent another unthinkable natural disaster with their latest project.

The people of Japan are undertaking a massive construction project by building 250 miles of concrete seawalls. These walls will reach upwards of five stories. The government cautions that this does not guarantee complete safety but it should add at least some protection from future tsunamis.There are plans to build a total of 400 walls at a cost of at least $6.8 billion. Work has already begun in some of the hardest hit areas.However, my colleague, Christian, added that there is some controversy surrounding this project; many complain that it blocks the view of the sea and in many areas will provide a false sense of security. Other’s say that a forest wall would be more attractive; while not providing as much safety, it would slow the water, giving residents more time to evacuate.

Maybe by the time this project is finished, they will have come to some sort of compromise; until then, residents can be happy that the new project is creating much needed jobs to the local residents.

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