Unemployed Man Build His Own Helicopter

35-Year-Old Vusimuzi Mbatha, an unemployed inhabitant of Rustenburg, South Africa has recently finalized constructing his own helicopter from recycled scraps and cheap materials. He first became obsessed after seeing one make a strike on the platinum mines in Northwest South Africa last year. After the experience, he began buying and collecting the materials to begin construction. The finished product now sits in front of his shack, attracting all manner of gawkers. Most of these gawkers are neighbors who didn’t really take him seriously.

According to Ivan Ong, Mbatha is a relatively uneducated man, having only completed the seventh grade. That is part of the reason why it is so impressive he has made his own helicopter. And it is actually a pretty impressive helicopter. It even sports a T.V., a clock, a fire extinguisher, and a two-way radio. It also has a green and red light on its tail, an engine powered by petrol, a motorbike battery to propel the rotor (which sits in an old soft drink crate), a cockpit that is actually made out of soft drink crates, and a steering wheel fashioned from a PlayStation control.

Mbatha has yet to take the helicopter on its maiden voyage. He first wants aviation experts and experienced pilots to inspect to see if it’s safe to fly. Rustenburg hopes to be employed soon so he can more easily purchase parts. To discover more details read this article.

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